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by Stephenie Meyer

abigail eisner

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Twilight

by Stephenie Meyer Summary Bella Swan has just moved from Pheonix to Forks to live with her dad, and she is going to a new school. At school, she meets an interesting boy named Edward Cullen. Bella and Edward start to spend more time with each other, and Bella soon finds out that Edward is a vampire. Edward introduces Bella to his family. There have been mysterious murders in the woods near Forks, and Bella's dad, the chief police is trying to solve it. One night while Bella is with Edward's family, three vampires come to meet them, and they are dangerous. One of them, James, smells Bella and realizes she is human and tries to attack her. Edward protects her, but later James follows her scent and wants to track her down. The Cullens and Bella form a plan to out run James, but he is very smart and also has a plan to trap her. Will their plan work, and will Bella be able to stay with Edward forever without being hurt? Characters Bella Swan Bella is a very shy and easygoing person. She has just moved to Forks and is nervous about meeting everyone. She is very pretty and has very pale skin. She is 17 years old. Edward Cullen Edward is 18 years old and is the most beautiful person Bella has ever seen. He is in a very strange and also beautiful family, the Cullens. Everyone thinks they are very strange. He is a vampire, so he is pale, his eyes change color, and he sparkles in the sun. He can run faster than a car, and can break a tree in half. Bella is the most important thing to him in the world, and he would do anything to protect her. Jasper Alice Emmet Rosalie Edward Emmett Cullen Emmett is very nice to Bella and helps protect her from James. He is paired with Rosalie, and he likes having Bella with the family. Carlisle Mr. Cullen adopted/saved all of the other Cullen family. He was a pastor before he was turned into a vampire, and turned the others into vampires when they were dying. He is a doctor, and has tamed himself and his family to resist blood. He can resist blood the best out of all the Cullens. Esme Cullen Mrs. Cullen is married to Carlisle, and is very kind and welcoming to Bella and is very cautious about not scaring her off. She thinks Bella is perfect for Edward and id glad he is happy now. Rosalie Hale Rosalie is paired with Emmett and doesn't like Bella. She is very jealous of her that she has the choice to be a vampire or not, and doesn't want her to know about their secrets. The Cullens are a good kind of vampires that only feed on animal blood instead of human blood. They have to try really hard to resist human blood sometimes though, and it is illegal for them to reveal their identity to humans. Only Bella knows about them. Alice Cullen Alice is very nice to Bella and treats her like a sister. She is one of my favorite characters. She is always cheerful, and she has the power to see the future. She visioned James' plan and helped out a lot with her visions. She is paired with Jasper. Jasper Hale Jasper is the least tame of all the Cullens and sometimes Edward has to fight him off from attacking Bella. He is paired with Alice and he has the power of controlling people's mood in the room. Jacob Black Jacob is one of Bella's good friends and he told her about the Cullen's and how he is enemies with them. He also tells her how him and his family are descendants of wolves. But Bella doesn't notice very much. He is 15. James James is a bad vampire and smells Bella and thirsts for her blood. He is doing everything he can to track her, and has a plan to get her blood. Victoria Victoria is Jame's mate and she is very smart and fast. She is helping James track down Bella. Laurent Laurent works with Victoria and James, but only because they are very good hunters. He helps Bella try to escape from James by warning the Cullen's about his good hunting skills. Charlie Swan Charlie is Bella's dad and is the chief police. He is trying to solve the mystery of who or what is killing people in the woods. He is very protective of Bella. I have a lot of favorite characters, so I will name my top 5: #1: Edward: I like Edward's character a lot, because he only wants to do good, and wants the best for Bella. He is willing to give up his life for her. #2:Another one of my favorite characters is Bella. I like Bella, because the story is told from her point of view, and you can understand what she is feeling and thinking. Bella is also very smart and brave. #3: Alice is one of my favorites, because she is very accepting of Bella, and she treats her like a sister. I also like her special powers the best, because she can read the future, and that helps out a lot in the book. Alice is always very happy and nice too. #4: Another character in the book that I like is Carlisle. He is very kind and he has started the Olympic Vampire group. These are the good kinds of vampires that only feed on animals instead of people. He has saved all of the Cullen's from death. #5: Another character that I like in the book is Jacob. Jacob isn't in this book as much, but he is really nice to Bella and he tells her about the Cullen's. He can be annoying sometimes though. Twilight
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