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Hira Javed

on 12 June 2013

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How to Survive Ms. McKenna's Math Class Math may seem overwhelming at first, but Ms. McKenna makes it seem fun! By working hard and achieving your goals, anything's possible! How to Study for a Test or Quiz :) Make sure that you complete the study guides given. 2. If you need help ask Ms. McKenna for an early morning pass, so you can ask questions before the test or quiz 1. Make sure that you complete the study guides given. 3. If you want to practice more, there are extra problems to do at the back of the book. How to get full credit on a homework assignment Always complete the assignments on time Make sure that all parts of the homework are completed! Ms. McKenna grades homework on completion :) Show all work when asked to and make sure all parts of the problem are completed. Tips to keep in mind while taking test and quizzes Make sure that you write neatly. Make sure you show ALL your work Time management is really important while taking a test or quiz! Make sure that you read all of the direction before you start taking the test or quiz. Careers that you would use Math in
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