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Philosophy of Art, Spring 2018

Imitation and Likeness

Joshua Baron

on 1 February 2018

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Transcript of Philosophy of Art, Spring 2018

Like, It's Like about Likeness or something
Imitation Theory of Art
Chuck Close
Pedro Campos
Alyssa Monks
Robertop Bernardi
Mark Goings
Willem van Haecht
Josef Albers
Representational Theory of Art
Neo-Representational Theory of Art
Robert Ryman
style & form
Zeuxis versus Parrhasius
What or who should be more praised?
1. Art = Imitation
2. Good Art = Good Imitation
imitations & imitators
what art or artists do we love for imitation?
do we know about who or what is being imitated?
other concerns about valuing imitation?
imitation versus copy
work versus aesthetic experience
How do we likewise value the imitative arts today?
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