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Justyna Malina

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Golub-Dobrzyń2

Town with history Golub-Dobrzyn Golub-Dobrzyń is small but picturesque town over Drweęca river in Kujawsko - Pomorskie province In Golub-Dobrzyn we have a lot of antiques.
Our city has very interesting history. Geography 1254 First mention about village "Villa Golube" 1684 Dobrzyn was granted some privilages and the name of the suburbs of Golub by Zygmunt Działyński 1789 Dobrzyń was granted civic rights and called it Golub 1823-27 Church was built with material help of
A. Wybraniecki 1857 The Great fire of Dobrzyń (260 families were injured) 1869 Dobrzyń lost city rights and became a settlement 1900 Official opening of railway station 1914 Inhabitants were saved from execution 1939 Jews were displaced from Golub and Dobrzyń by Germans 1951 Golub and Dobrzyń were united as an one city 1999 Golub-Dobrzyń became a capital of discrit . . . Domek
z „Pod cieniami" Zbór Ewangelicki in Golub Castle in Golub Antiques The castle is the greatest glory of our city. Was erected in the years 1296-1306. In later times, rebuilt by Anna Wazówna from Gothic to Renaissance styles. This is the first time in Poland forewoman golubska with imported seeds bred by members of Turkish tobacco. After the death of Anna Wazówna the castle residence order: Anna Katarzyna princess, Queen Cecilia Renata, then the family Szczawiński, Lubomirski, Grudziński, Denhoff and Wessel. The most Golub is an old wooden house, the last of several preserved until recently that once surrounded the entire market. Church
in Golub Church
in Dobrzyń Was built in the Gothic style, and from the XIII and XIV century.Undoubtedly, there was already on here much earlier as a wooden building, which destroyed the Prussians invasions. In the years 1823-1827, with material aid a nearby property owner in Sokołowo, Wybraniecki Anthony (1781 - 1834), built a church. It was built as a single building in the classical style, initially without the tower, which is built in 1886. For newer buildings to be stylish Lutheran church, built in 1909. This is neogotyk with a tower height of 30 m., modeled on the old churches, the Teutonic Knights then using the. Old Town About river Drwęca is a right tributary of Wisła. Length of the river is 253 km. They are held on the kayaking. River since 1961 over its entire length, is the longest nature reserve in Poland and is covered by the Natura 2000 network About city In Golub-Dobrzyn live about 13005 residents Golub-Dobrzyn city is located in the northern part of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie, located 42 km from Toruń, in the center of the district Golub-Dobrzyn. Covering an area of 750 ha, of which 114 ha is forest, 352 hectares - farmland. Thank you for your attention :)
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