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5w 2h

No description

Berta Gonzalez

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of 5w 2h

What is the 5W and 2H framework? It is an amazing tool in different situations where one needs to clarify or understands something in more depth.

This can serve to:

organization of an idea Now you have learned... start an investigation

organize my time

plan things

do whatever I wanted in a organized way

and most important... to do everything you think, and more 5w & 2h framework Find a topic First
Find a topic of something you want to do or you need to do. And define your questions based in 5W2h.

What: Outlines actions that should be sufficient, to be carried out to achieve the goal.
Why: An important part of the plan. We must always determine why action must be taken.
Where: Place where you execute the how.
When: Start and end date of the how.
Who: Person responsible for running the how.
How: It's a question of great importance in the plan, details in concrete as performed action (what).
How much: Consume resources plan. Activity Make a group of 5 or 4 persons

Find a common topic

Make questions for that topic based on 5W and 2H framework

Compare questions TO USE 5W & 2H FRAMEWORK
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