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Daniel Halloran

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Wampanoag

Culture was very important to the Wampanoags. They had a deep sence of culture like what the ate, how they dressed, and where they lived. This is what made them a Wampanoag tribe.
They belonged to the Algonguian
Occupied parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts
16000-40000 people in 67 villages
The refer to Earth as Turtle Island
As of 2013 4000-5000 Wampanoag decendants live in Massachusetts
Seasonal people; In the Summer,spring, and fall the live near bodies of water and in the winter they live in valleys
Wampanoag- People Of The First Light


A Wetu was what the Wampanoags called a house
Both Men and Women built Wetus
They gathered saplings to build frames for wetus
This is how they bonded with woman
Whats for dinner!
4 main ways to get your food are hunting, fishing, harvesting wild plants, and farming
Animals hunted (deer, moose, beaver,rabbit, skunk, and raccoon)
When something was caught they used the whole animal (bones to make tools like arrow heads and other things, meat was cooked, fur for clothing and blankets, and tendens for sowing and bowstring)
Children drank beer not milk
Men fished in salt and fresh water even fished for whales
woman just collected shellfish
Also ate various nuts and mushrooms
Everybody could where a Breech Cloth wich is soft deer skin flaps that hangs down on both sides
Young boys wore nothing untill they were 10 YEARS OLD!
Winter they wore mantles wich are made of deer skin and are fastened at the shoulder in numerous type of ways
Woman wore deerskin skirts
In the 1600s that is when they started decorating there faces
Thanksgiving started when chief Massasoit and 90 of his men got together with the English for a three day celebtration. Sqaunto was the main one who learned english from ealier adventures and taught the english how to survive in the cold and the English repaid them.
Squanto was the first one who communicated with the pilgrims and taught them how to grow crops and tips for survival.He also crossed the Atlanti ocean 6 times in his life! (wich is how he learned English)
Massasoit was a sachem/chief/leader of the Wampanoag tribe. Born in 1581 and died in 1681 was by far one of the most famous chief in Wampanoag history. His son was King philip and his other son died for an unknown reason. Famous for first thanksgiving.
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