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Mockingbird by: Kathryn Erskine

No description

Harry Potter

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Mockingbird by: Kathryn Erskine

The main character in my book is Caitlin Ann Smith, a girl in fifth grade who has Asperger's. There are other round characters in my book like Caitlin's Dad, a seven year old boy named Michael, a fifth grader named Josh and Caitlin's counselor Mrs.Brook. I could not really find a stated time but the story takes place in Virginia, mainly at Caitlin's house and her school. The Main conflict in the story is that Caitlin is trying to find closure (the state of experiencing an emotional conclusion to a difficult life event) because of her older brother (Devon), who died in a school shooting, and is having a lot of trouble finding it.
Rising Action 2
Caitlin has decided to go into Devon's room, after weeks of being shut out. Once she entered, she remembers all of the little things about Devon. Like how he would let her draw in there while he did his homework, as long as she promised not to make a sound.
Rising Action 5
Her class is doing a reading buddies activity with Michael's class. Caitlin is super excited, but then destroyed when she finds out Mrs.Brook is pairing Josh up with Michael instead of her. Mrs. Brooks wants her to try and make more friends, but she feels like she has finally made a friend and now he is being taken away.
She has finally found closure. She finally "gets" empathy and is truly understanding emotions for the first time in her life.
Caitlin and her father decide to donate the finished chest to the middle school, as a reminder of the tough times everyone has gone through and that they got through it.
Rising Action 3
She remembers how much Devon loved T
o Kill A Mocking Bird .

How he would call her Scout and how he was like Jem. How she liked black and white much better than color because it was much easier to understand.
Falling Action
There is not really any falling action, in this book, because the climax happens in the second to last chapter of the book.
Mockingbird by: Kathryn Erskine
prezi by: Jamie Marano

Inciting indecent
Rising Action 1
Rising Action 4
Rising Action 6
Rising Action 7
Rising Action 9
Caitlin was watching the news and they were talking about a school shooting, at the middle school, and then she hears the word closure. A new word to her so she goes and looks it up in her dictionary and it means the state of experiencing an emotional conclusion to a difficult life event. She thinks this is what I need to find, this is what I need in my life
right now.
Caitlin has asked everyone she can think of if they know how to find closure and no one can tell her how. She decides that she is going to have to find it by herself.
Rising Action 2
Caitlin is still has so much trouble with empathy. She just does not get the whole friends thing, and emotions. Although she has become great friends with Michael.
Caitlin believes that she has to help find closure for everyone. She is really upset because she is not sure anymore, if she has truly found closure for herself.
Caitlin thinks that she can get closure if she and her Dad finish Devon's Eagle scout project(a chest), but it takes awhile for her dad to agree.
Caitlin and her Dad go to a middle school fund raiser and she isn't having a good time until she finds the middle art teacher and watches him draw a picture of her Dad. The teacher then lets Caitlin draw a picture of him. She does not draw his eyes because eyes show emotion, and she is not good with emotions.
Rising Action 8
Caitlin's life has been good and happy, since she and her Dad have been working on the chest. They finally finish the chest. Caitlin thinks she has almost found closure.
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