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Komogata maru incident

No description

Kianna Berrios

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Komogata maru incident

Komogata Maru Incident
How did the Komagata Maru Incident Start?
It started because Canada felt they had no reason to accept these immigrants to come to Vancouver
What Happened in the Komagata Maru Incident?
The Komagata Maru was a ship that sailed from Hong Kong to Vancouver
carrying 376
passengers (mainly Sikhs)
of which who didn't like their living conditions back in India. It's an incident in which the
Canadian government denied them entry
to disembark to Vancouver.
When did the Incident Happen?
The incident happened in
Which Country Started the Incident?
Who were the people that were not allowed?
There were 376 passengers that were Punjab,British,and Indian. There were 340 Sikhs, 24 muslims, 12 Hindus, and all are British.
the incident took place in Canada because they were the ones that didn't let the boat dock
Why did the incident start?
It started because they didn't let Asians dock to Canada/Vancouver. They were sent back to there home country after they were denied docking.
Big Question : What Happened in the Komagata Maru Incident?
By :Kianna and Bryan
Our hypothesis for what happened in the Komagata Maru Incident was that Canada didn't want people of color like Sikhs coming to Canada and causing a disturbance to the residents that are already living and working here.
-It started because they didn't let Asains to Canada
-They were sent back to there home country
Now a Video!
It was India that started the incident because they were the ones that want to come to Canada
Time for KAHOOT!

-Title: https://en.wikipedia.org

-Title: www.thecanadianenclopedia.ca
Author:Anthony Wilson-Smith


-Title(of book):Righting Canada's Wrongs: The Komagata Maru

Interesting facts
Stephen Harper delivered an apology in 2008 in Surrey,B.C. but the Sikh people felt it should have been done more formally in Ottawa. Justin Trudeau apologized more formally for the incident last year
Author:Pamela Hickman
Where did the incident happen?
Our hypothesis was very close to the actual fact that we found on the website.
I learned what the Komagata maru incident actually is, I also remember Justin Trudeau apologized for it
I learned that it was Indians that were trying to come to Canada/Vancouver
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