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federalists and anti-federalist

No description

Caleb Starr

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of federalists and anti-federalist

Federalist Anti-
Federalist Federalist Articles of Confederation were weak and ineffective. National government needed to be strong in order to function. http://staff.gps.edu/mines/APUSH%20-antifederalists_vs_federalists.htm Strong national government needed to control uncooperative states. Men of experience and talent should govern the nation. National government would protect the rights of the people. Constitution and state governments protected individual freedoms without bill of rights In favor of establishing the Constitution with almost any means possible. The most important federalist papers were numbers:10,14,84,70,78,39,51 *Articles of Confederation were a good plan. *Opposed strong central government. Opposed a standing army and a 10 square mile federal stronghold (later District of Columbia). *Strong national government threatened state power. *Strong national government threatened rights of the common people. *Constitution favored wealthy men and preserved their power *Constitution lacked a bill of rights. *Argued against 2/3 ratification plan. *Opposed omitting any reference to God. One of the most important Anti-federalist papers is paper 10 http://www.congressforkids.net/Constitution_greatcompromise.htm Thanks to these websites for information! Alexander Hamilton wrote some of the federalist papers an was also a leader In my opinion the Federalist won because they got the Constitution, but the anti federalist also won because they got there Bill of Rights. If you have any questions please don't ask them.

Thank You
The End
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