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Political Corruption in The Jungle

No description

Elise Barbin

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Political Corruption in The Jungle

Political Corruption in
The Jungle

Connection to American History
William Lorimer

• Chicago corrupt politician
• “blonde boss”
• Brick manufacturing and real estate – like Mike Scully
• Political machine connections
• Accused of using bribery by the Chicago Tribune in his 1908 election (senators were still elected by the state legislators)
• Election voided in 1911
• 17th amendment – allowed people to elect senators

Connection to American History

• Bribe city councilman to get railroads through towns

• Meat Inspection Act increased the number of inspectors and allowed for surprise inspections

• Kickbacks – Mike Scully’s men are on the city pay roll for building his new factory

Quotes from
The Jungle

“The people of Chicago saw the government inspectors in Packingtown [and thought] they were protected from diseased meat; [however] they were paid…to certify that all the diseased meat was kept in the state” (101)

Works Cited
Political Corruption
Mike Scully
City boss in Chicago

Housing scheme

Rigs elections

Runs dump where Juozapas goes for food

Uses power to benefit big business

Mike Scully
“The ruler of the district was therefore the Democratic boss, a little Irishman named Mike Scully. Scully held an important party office in the state, and bossed even the mayor of the city, it was said; it was his boast that he carried the stockyards in his pocket. He was an enormously rich man--he had a hand in all the big graft in the neighborhood.”

Quotes from
The Jungle

“America differed from Russia in that its government existed under the form of a democracy… so there were two rival sets of grafters, known as political parties, and the one got the office which bought the most votes” (98-99)

abuse of power by government officials for private gain
political machines
city bosses
N.d. Photograph. The 1890s – A Watershed* DecadeWeb. 9 Feb 2014. <http://claver.gprep.org/fac/sjochs/Images/boss.jpg>.

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Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle. New York: New American Library. 1907. Print.
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