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Greek Gods

No description

Madeleine Student

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Greek Gods

Greek Gods and Goddesses
The ancient Greeks made up a new body of myths and teachings
They made up different stories and mythical creatures such as gods, goddesses and cyclops.
These made up creatures helped them determined how and why things like natural disasters and weather happen in their world
We call these teachings Greek mythology
Twelve gods and goddess in all
God of the sky
Ruler of Olympian gods
Brothers: Poseidon and Hades
Married greek goddess Hera
Greeks believed that when he was mad it would rain or they would have a thunder storm
Weapon: thunderbolt
God of the sea
Brother of Zeus and Hades
Was widely worshiped by seamen
Married greek goddess Amphitrite
Weapon: trident
Greeks believed that he was the cause of earthquakes and tsunamis
God of the underworld and ruler of the dead
He was the eldest brother of Zeus and Poseidon.
He married Persephone, whom Hades abducted and brought to the underworld.

Supreme goddess
Goddess of childbirth and marriage
Married her brother Zeus
She was often jealous of other gods and goddesses as well as Zeus's other wives
She was often referred to as the "Queen of Heaven"
Was greedy and mainly interested in gaining more subjects
Goddess of love, desire, and beauty
Two theories on her birth:
Some said that she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione
Others say that she arose from sea foam
Many men that wanted to marry her including Ares, god of war
Zeus made her marry Hephaestus who was not a threat to Zeus's power.
Goddess of hunt, forest, mountains, moon, and hills
Daughter of Zeus and and a Titan named Leto
Apollo's twin sister
Mostly interested in hunting
Not interested in marriage
By: Ellie Matteri
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