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Photography and Fantasy: One Hour Photo - By Jake Lange

Guest Lecture for Dr. Gail Baylis - PHO102 - Photography & Visual Culture - Spring 2010

Jake Lange

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Photography and Fantasy: One Hour Photo - By Jake Lange

"Photography and Fantasy: One Hour Photo"

PHO102 - Photography and Visual Culture “An important postmodern trend that still holds strong: Using visual cultural practice to engage in cultural critique about visual culture, rather than turning to words as if words were a more intelligent or more trustworthy form.”
(Sturken and Cartwright, 2009: 323) “Personal pictures are made specifically to portray the individual or the group to which they belong as they would wish to be seen and as they have chosen to show themselves to one another... Twentieth-century family photography, with its resolute insistence on the creation of happy memories, has determinedly reflected this mood... a home-based family idyll.”
(in Wells, 2004: 117, 144) Cindy Sherman

"Untitled Film Stills" Gregory Crewdson

"Twilight" Themes of Lecture:
Photography versus Cinema
The historical relationship
Similarities and differences in the mediums
Fantasy and Identity Hiroshi Sugimoto Time and Narrative

Still, fixed, static
Do not portray motion
Freeze and capture a moment
Viewed nostalgically, about the past
Factual, 'truthful'
Document moments
"The photograph never lies."

Moving, cutting, full of motion
Portray life
Addition of sound
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