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Escondido Teen Center

Escondido Teen Center

Clara Loera

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Escondido Teen Center

Teen Center Escondido Neighborhood Healthcare The mission of the Teen Center is to provide a safe and
nurturing environment, while encouraging educational development and improving technology, literacy, and critical thinking skills of neighborhood teens. The center will be divided into the following areas:
Library/Homework area
Computer area
Reading and Lounge area
Community resource area Teen Center The Escondido Teen Center will continue
to provide the weekly sessions about
prevention and reproductive health to
teens. With the new Teen Center we would be able to update the curriculum by adding new ideas of presenting the information to the youth. We would be able to upgrade to power point presentations and have interactive diagrams and videos. Guest speakers will be invited to talk to the students. Behavioral Health
Crisis intervention
Educational Supportive Services
Job skill development One-on-One Mentoring
Gang-prevention & Intervention
Like skills training
Nutrition Creating Programs For Our Teens Peer-to-Peer Program Creating this program will encourage and allow youth to become involved with the Teen Center. Will help encourage teens to bring up topics such as gang & violence prevention, body image, alcohol and substance abuse Hours will remain the same.
THUR. 3:00pm-5:00pm After School Programs The after school program is designed to help teens who are enrolled in the Teen Clinic with homework in all subject areas, with the help of currently enrolled college students. This program will provide not only help teens from the Teen Clinic, but also benefit college students with providing the the opportunity to mentor and gain experience with teaching skills. This would help students who are pursing a teaching credentials. Benefits from this would be that our teens would interact with college students which would also encourage them to be mentored by our college students volunteers. Youth Workforce Development Program The Teen Clinic will create a youth workforce program to assist youth and help them prepare for, search for, and retain stable employment. Youth will meet regularly to work through each step of their plan, receiving the direction and encourage they need to succeed. Staff and volunteers will work with older high school youth one-on-one to set employment goals and objectives through an individual employment plan. Creating and developing employment goal
Career assessments
Resume preparation/ online applications preparation
Interview preparation
E-mail creating
Learning computer skills
Money Management
Work ethics and time management Things covered in YWFD: Youth Advisory Council Creating a youth council will give our youth and opportunity to make a difference in the community. By participating in the Youth Council, young people will develop skills they can use throughout their lives, such as decision making, working with a team, presentation skills, developing creative ideas, and gaining knowledge about governance and its ability to impact communities. The youth council will empower youth to take on responsibility and ownership of the center for themselves. They will also represent NHCARE Teen Clinic at meetings, conferences and in the community at large. Volunteers & Interns Volunteers offering their time at the Teen Center will divided into 2 different groups. Adult Volunteers will mostly students from near by colleges and community colleges. They will be required to attend and complete NHC volunteer orientation with the director of volunteers and internships services. Once they complete the requirement they will meet with a health educator who will do an overview of the Teen Center programs and discuss their role in the center.

Assisting staff with daily operations of the Teen Center.
Leading or assisting in workshops and support groups.
tutoring and mentoring and act as facilitators.
Monitor Teen Center Adult Volunteers: Youth Volunteers: Youth Volunteers will come from the local high schools. They will also be required to attend and complete NHC volunteer orientation with the director of volunteers and internships services. Once completed they will meet with a health educator who will do an overview their role in the center. Required to have good standing in school, they will have to report grades to the Volunteer supervisor from the Teen Center. Failure to good standing will cause the student to be put on probation. Responsibilities:
Assisting staff on projects
Being part of the Peer to Peer program
Teen Center Newsletter Teen Clinic Committee: Fernando Marques- Neighborhood Healthcare
Jeannie Miller- Neighborhood Healthcare
Cheryl Whitten- Neighborhood Healthcare
Angelina Suarez- Neighborhood Healthcare
Cheryl L. McMahen- CHAT Health Educator, Escondido Education COMPACT
Magdalena Caraballo, Vista Hill- Smart Care Teen Center Hours: Monday:




CLOSED **Fridays will be closed for staff, volunteer, and intern development day. Also for tutors to discuss issues faced and how to fix them. Escondido
Neighborhood Health Care
Teen Center
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