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Lord of the Flies

No description

Kenny Patterson

on 18 May 2012

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies
By William Golding
Lord of the Flies is set During mid World War 2 around the 1950's. Lord of the Flies is about a group of British boys young and old (6-12 years) that crash on a small island from a plane and there are no adults. No adults = No order. They decide to have a chief. Ralph, Piggy, or Jack. Well Ralph wins and establishes some rules. Everything seems pretty awesome because there are no parents but they have to get their own food and provide for them selves. All of the little boys tell the "biguns" that there is a scary beast on the island the chief Ralph conveniences everyone there is no such thing but later finds himself not believing that. Later when Ralph, Jack, and other little boys find a pig and kill it, they put the pigs head on a spear and jam the spear into the ground. An argument occurs between Ralph and Jack about whether or not to keep the fire on the hill. Well Jack can't stand it any more and makes his own tribe. Mean while in the forest... Simon continues to stare at the pigs head and its talks back. Many flies surround the head and Simon gives the head the name "The Lord Of The Flies". After Simon is done being "crazy" and "Losing it" according to Ralph he goes back to Jacks tribe at a bad time because they were having a feast and singing with spears "Kill the Beast. Cut his throat. Spill his blood." Everybody thinks the Simon is the Beast because he is in the shadows and on the mountaintop and throws their spears and kills him. Relationships between Jack and Ralph continue to get worse and Jacks tribe steals Piggy's specs which lights the fire. Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric (Sam and Eric) go to get Piggy's glasses back. Ralph and Jack continue to fight and Piggy gets killed by a giant rock when the rock knocks him off the edge and falls 40 feet off the cliff. Samneric get pulled into Jacks tribe and they warn Ralph that the tribe is hunting after him. They try to kill Ralph by setting the island on fire. The hunt starts and they find Ralph but Ralph notices that Jack's tribes' fire has spread and things are burning down. As Ralph is running from them he sees and man in a Naval officer suit and the boys are saved. The Naval officier questions the boys and everything turns out fine and dandy.
The social importance/message that The Lord of the Flies is trying to get at is that is you are away from society you become different. People can not function properly without society and other people. People need a leader and to have an organized community.
Social/Literary Importance
By Kenny Patterson
One theme is fear because thought out the book the boys and little boys show fear of the "beast" that isn't really there. There fear gets to them so much that they won't listen to Ralph. But eventually Ralph becomes a believer with everybody else. Also the fear is so real to the boys that they kill Simon because they think he is the "beast".
The other theme is betrayal because in the book when conflicts between Ralph and Jack get worse Jack goes and starts his own tribe. After Ralph goes and tries to save Samneric, he finds out that Jack is trying to kill him. Also when Jack's tribe is hunting for Ralph Samneric give away his hiding spot after Ralph told him earlier.
The End
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