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Architecture Design Portfolio


Christian Ford

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Architecture Design Portfolio

Design Portfolio
Downtown Chillicothe Development Project
Design Evolution
1st Year Studio Project

Manipulating Surface & Understanding Line weights using 5-point geometry
[Project selected for excellent workmanship]
1st Year Studio Project

Abstract Art Museum
Understanding Circulation & Massing
1st Year Studio Project

The Garden House
Study of Asian Culture
Design Evolution
2nd Year Studio Project

Apartment Unit + Complex
Design Evolution
2nd Year Studio Project

Tovvra Food Bank & Research Center
Design Evolution
2nd Year Studio Project

Bruce Lee Fitness Center
“Architecture speaks a universal language that binds the world together. It adapts and develops over time, making adjustments for its surrounding. It captures the essence of time and reminds us of ancient civilizations long past. It is the evidence of humanity and its extraordinary intellectual talent, left behind when humanity itself ceases to exist.
We use advancements in technology to make our dreams, reality. In architecture one can manipulate the surrounding world, make the impossible--possible, and convey thoughts and feelings concealed within oneself. Throughout the course of history architecture has ignited extraordinary ways of thinking which has furthered the advancement of humanity. I have learned that one must find personal joy in education to truly benefit from it. This is why I have chosen to pursue a career as an Architect.
In architecture everything is distinctly planned and uniquely designed. It is detailed to a specific need and is as numerous and vast as the creatures on earth. Consequently, the principles of architecture apply to a variety of disciplines. It ranges from large structures like the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to the chair you sit in, pot you cook with, or the pencil you use every day. It is inescapable and I’ve learned to embrace its intricate beauty. I feel that a person advances the furthest in society when they love what they are doing, because they enjoy every moment of learning how to get there. “
-Christian Ford
The project began by designing an individual unit for a specific location in a generic cluster then it was transformed into an apartment complex.
The project encouraged students to design an inviting facility that would provide food assistance and nutrition education in the city of Kent, Ohio. The students also visited the Cleveland Food Bank for inspiration. This facility includes learning gardens, a community growing wall, an auditorium, classrooms, cafe, and offices which connect through the food transport bridge that is located above the open food market.
The Bruce Lee fitness center was inspired by translating selected moments from a Bruce Lee action scene into a conceptual model. The dynamic project utilized the idea of rhythm, balance, and concentration for program placement which includes a spa, indoor/outdoor pools, cardio-center, rock wall, track, squash courts, and meditation room. Overall, the project reflects the liveliness of the site which was located next the the Akron art museum in the center of the modern city.
Design Evolution
3rd Year Studio Project

Urban Terrace : Philadelphia Rowhouse
The Philadelphia Rowhouse Project was investigated on a studio visit to University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and Fitler Square Rowhouse Community where the students learned about the history of the rowhouse. Following the site visit (2107 Lombard Street), the task was to design an economical, multiple-use rowhouse based on traditional elements. In the finished design, split levels were used to integrate outdoor spaces, introduce light, and separate primary living space from the rent able lower levels.
Additionally, an urban planning exercise was introduced in which the students collaborated in small groups to integrate their design into a rowhouse development.
Design Evolution
3rd Year Studio Project

Ocracoke, North Carolina|
Aviary Research Center and Nature Camp
The Ocracoke retreat project was inspired by adhocism (Best Product Panels), Elieen Grey, and the local nature preserve (Planet Wetlands). Each element was to be incorporated into a program of the student's choice. In the final design a berm was incorporated to house the endangered Kirtland's Warbler which is native to Ocracoke Island. In addition, housing, learning facilities, and a cafe was incorporated for visitors while attempting to maintain and non-intrusive observation environment.
Website + Social Media
- Website text, selected photos, and editing
-Setup and maintained the city Twitter/Facebook accounts
-Edited media handbook and managed training

-Provided collateral display of new logo designs
Design Review
-Assisted in editing and adopting new Design Guidelines for the Historic District
-Incorporated new ideas into a city Sketch-up model
-Created visual representation of proposed changes
-Designed entry,pedestrian, and vehicular signage systems
-Designed information kiosk and brochures with smart phone in corporation
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