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6th Grade Social Studies

Denelle Garman

on 4 October 2012

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THE FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY LOCATION PLACE HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION MOVEMENT REGIONS a description of where a place is on Earth A location can be expressed in two ways.
relative absolute - an address of a location relative - a general description of where a place is references:

http://thetruthnews.info/world_map.html PLACE refers to an area's
landscape, the features that
define the area and make it
different from other places. Features could include land, climate, and people. Big question:
What's it like there? Big question:
Where is it located? Big question: What is the relationship between humans and the environment? Big question:
How and why are places connected with one another? Big question:
How and why is one area similar to another? Geographers describe a place by two kinds of characteristics:
human land forms
bodies of water
natural vegetation
animal life land use
political systems How would you describe
your place physically?

Flat or hilly?
Hot or cold?
Wet or dry? What are some of the human characteristics
that describe your place?

What types of houses are there?
What types of industry are found?
What patterns of land use are there? Environment- includes
land, water, climate, plants,
and animals People interact with the environment:
clear forests to plant crops
level fields to build cities
dam rivers to prevent floods Physical environments affect how people live:
People in cold areas build houses with thick walls and wear heavy clothing to keep warm
People who live near oceans look for ways to protect themselves from storms Organizer: LORAX Affect environment negatively: Affect environment positively: PLACE: Physical Features: _______________________________________________________
Human Features: _________________________________________________________ http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6650219631867189375 I can help the environment by ________________________________________________________________________
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Geographers divide the world into many regions. Creating regions also makes it easier to compare places. •What language(s) do people speak? **
•What are the political divisions of the country (states, provinces, republics)?
•How is the country similar to any of its neighbors (traditions, language, climate)? ** Regions have some sort of characteristic that makes an area unique.
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