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Is some music bad for kids?


paxton ski

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Is some music bad for kids?

is some music bad for kids

is some music bad for kids
In my opinion it is bad for some kids if they listen to music like that they will say bad words .little kids need to go out side and play.
good manners
they might not have a lot of friends because people don't like people that curse a lot so just don't listen to bad music.
yes people might not be invited places because they listen to bad music and curse.
there words
i do believe it is because they might show other kids that are not allowed to listen to that stuff.
if a kid listens to bad music they might make bad noises like gun noises
go out side
so if you are a young kid and you listen to bad music you should go out and do some thing with your life go hang with friends go ride your penny boards or skate boars or any thing you have
karishma yes
Sebastian yes
isaiah yes
paxton yes
showing other kids
Mr.Hara yes

Cristian yes
Kaleb A "no"
Kaleb s : yes because it has some bad
language and teaches

kids the wrong things
from google search
from google search
from google search

taken from google
fleh fleh
taken from google
taken from google
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