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My Vision Map

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charlene pimentel

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of My Vision Map

10 Character Traits
Multiple Intelligence
Naviance Cluster
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Top 3 Personality Results
1. Artistic - 10
2. Social - 8
3. Enterprising -6

Explore Test and Careers
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Linguistic - 16
Spatial Visual - 15
Musical - 15
Interpersonal - 15
Intrapersonal - 15
My Top 5 Values
1. Wisdom
2. Love
3. Honesty
4. Skills
5. Achievement
Charlene Pimentel
My Vision Map
3 SMART Goals

How my character traits, values, strengths and personalities affect my future careers
My 3 smart goals
My strongest intelligence is linguistic. I enjoy writing, reading, speaking foreign language, and English is my favorite subject.
I see myself as expressive, original, and self-indulgent.
Linguistic Career
Since I am linguistic, my potential career choices are writer and lawyer. It involves communicating, creativity, and knowledge.
Explore Test
Medical Technologies: Pharmacist, Dietitian
Social Science: Psychologist
Applied Arts: (prev. slide)
Among these careers, psychology interests me most because I am eager to know how our brain works and I love to interact with people and animals.
Artist, Photographer, Interior Designer, Writer, Movie Director, Editor
Possible Careers
Personal Goal
I have a goal to be healthier by getting more hours of sleep, eating the right kind and amount of food, and exercising regularly.

School Goal
I have a goal to understand my subject
lessons so I will get high grades.
Community Goal
My community goal is to help people by donating useful items to goodwill or any donation sites.

My goal is realistic because it has advantages to people in Mankato.
My family can help me complete this goal by 30 days.

My goal is realistic because my steps are practical and habitual.

The resources I will need to complete my goals are my friends and family.

I will reach this goal by 30 days.

I know I will have reached my goal
when I get straight A’s and perfect
scores on my tests.

My goal is realistic because it involves practical ways to be successful.

The resources I will need to complete my goals are my teachers, parents and friends.

I will reach this goal when I do it everyday. I hope to do it by the end of 4th quarter on June.
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My explore test result was in regions 9, 10 and 11. It is related to science and art.
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