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My Future Career

No description

Yolanda Ding

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of My Future Career

By:Yolanda Ding
My Future Career
About My Ideal Future Career
Description of Work
Working Conditions, Earnings, Employers
Job Trends/Work Prospects
Why I Chose This

Reasons I Would Be Suitable For This Career

Grade 11 and 12 Courses
My Future Education Plans

Obstacles That I Need to Overcome

How I See Myself in the Future
Retirement Plans


My Ideal Future Career is an
Occupational Therapist (OT)
About My Ideal Future Career
Average salary in Canada
$73 000
(depends on several factors)

Hospitals, schools, private practice/self employment(homes), rehabilitation centers
can do intern work/volunteer abroad

Working Conditions:
may be very stressful
frequent travel from place to place within community
work full time or set own schedules to accommodate clients
usually works with other doctors, physiotherapists, and social workers
Working Conditions, Earnings, Employers
Quizzes/Skills/Personality Traits
enjoy working with people and information
Listen, organize, serve, cooperate, advise
Patient, optimistic, responsible
Resourceful Orange and Authentic Blue
Reasons I Would Be Suitable
Thank You For Listening to my Presentation
Are there any questions?
Future Education Plans
Why I Chose This
Description of Work
Occupational Therapy (2 years)
Queen's University
University of Western Ontario
University of Toronto (St.George/Downtown)
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
How To Get Into This University:
4 year Bachelor's Degree (any field but usually liberal arts and sciences)
Volunteer at healthcare facilities/for other OTs
Co-op in University (field work)
Other Qualifications
First aid and CPR certification
License for practice in Canada
CAOT certification

Age: 60 (Year: 2061)
RRSP Total: $86, 400
($200/month for 36 working years)
Other Plans
go on vacation/travel with family
May self-employ or volunteer as an OT
Enjoy the rest of my life
Retirement Plans
Doing some of my intern work abroad
Working full time at a hospital or school
Working spare time in self employment
General Occupational therapist
Staying in Canada (where I'll be licensed)
How I Envision Myself In My Future Career
Employment Trends/Work Prospects
Grade 11 and 12 Courses
The employment rate of Occupational therapists are pretty high and are expected to rise during the next few years.
91.5% work in Health Care and Social Assistance
3.69% work in Educational Services
20% are also self-employed
67% work full time
2013 Statistics
Other trends that increased employment rate:
the aging population
increased emphasis on health care/needs of people with disabilities
changes in work conditions (e,g. self-employment)
to help children with disabilities adjust to everyday life and fit in with others at school
wish to work at SickKids Hospital
Self employment
Intern work abroad
Work benefits: retirement plans, paid vacations, health/dental insurance

People I Know in this Field
My sister's occupational therapist, Laura Sullivan, who works at The Scarborough Hospital.
Tuition Fee
RESP: $7200
Student Loans (OSAP)
Part time job
Low Grades
Putting more time and effort in school
Getting extra help/tutor
Help clients with mental/physical/developmental problems from disabilities or injuries, relearn or develop skills
Work to help the individual lead an independent life
Grade 12:
English (ENG4U1)
Math (MHF4U1)
Biology (SB14UO)
Chemistry (SCH4U0)
Physics (SPH4U1)
Exercise Science (PSE4U1)
French (FSF4U1)
Photography (AWQ4M1)
Obstacles That Need to be Faced
Grade 11:
English (ENG3U1)
Math (MCR3U1)
Biology (SB13UO)
Chemistry (SCH3U0)
Physics (SPH3U1)
French (FSF3U1)
Photography (AWQ3M1)
University of Toronto(6 years)
Tuition: $46 142
Books and supplies: $6000
Transportation: $7776
Other: $6000
Total: $65 918
Career Matchmaker
Helping others with their emotional/psychological problems
Work with people with physical/mental disabilities
Training or teaching
Provide medical care and treatment to people
Interested in biology
keeping accurate records and reports
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