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Girlhood interrupted: Gender, film propaganda

No description

Kate Taylor-Jones

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Girlhood interrupted: Gender, film propaganda

Girlhood interrupted:
Gender, film propaganda and imperial Japan

Dr Kate Taylor-Jones

Articulations of femininity from 1850 onwards
Japanese Facism and images of gender
1. The family system sound be strengthened and unsound thoughts eliminate.

4. The existing school system should be reformed out of consideration for population policies.

5. Girls high schools and girls community schools should provide the knowledge and techniques of childrearing and hygienics needed to foster sound mothers who are aware of their national mission of motherhood.

6. Only women under the age of 20 should be employed…

Taken from the 1940 Japanese Ministry of Welfare recommendations to promote population growth.
“just because women are serving in the armed forces of the enemy countries of American and Britain does not necessarily mean that the goal for Japanese women is to train to become soldiers. However, in order to crush the enemy impossible dream, all Japan is now striking as one body and the entire team will be distributed in the fight. There can be no distinction between the front line and the home front and similarly, there can be no distinction between men and women throwing themselves into the cause of the national emergency. The will to pick up the rifle-bayonet, aim it at the enemies chest and plunge it in – all 50 million Japanese women must have that determination.”
Colonial Women
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