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18 Dec. 2013

No description

Mark Gardner

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of 18 Dec. 2013

On the scratch paper...
what fills in the blanks?
A ______ is a c_________ between two __________ _____ that uses "like," "as, as," "-er than," or "resembles."

A direct metaphor is a c_________ between two __________ _____ that uses "__" ____s such as is, am are, was, or were to make the comparison.

An _______ metaphor is a comparison between two __________ _____ where one noun is __________ in terms that usually relate to the other, ________ noun.

_______________ is where a non-human thing is given _____ _______________.
Note Stations
1. Visit each station.
2. In your green book, record the information that most helps you understand.
3. Know that you will be expected to define these terms on Friday's test.
When you finish your essay reflection...
I can reflect on and analyze my own progress as writer.

direct metaphor
implied metaphor
(and defend)
examining the pieces
matching what you see to your definition
considering counter-examples
thinking about how you would defend your choice
making your choice
what you think you know
I can define key vocabulary related to poetry.
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