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DCJ's +

Antigravity and YOU. Find out how the government has hid flying saucers and other antigravity technolegy from us. The people. We have a right to Learn. + Was created By Flipnoteproductions and DCJ group.

Flipnoteproductions !

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of DCJ's +

+ Antigravity and You. Flying saucers? A myth? Of course not! The American Goverment has had Flying saucers for decades. In fact, During WWII, The Germans had time machines. All over the world, Archives are hidden. Today, Secrets will be revealed. Created By Flipnoteproductions and DCJ group. The scienctists who created The time machine inside a mountain
During WWII Were slaghtered torwards the end of the war. ALIENS Aliens are also known as Extraterrestrial beings and Extraterestrials. A belief is that some of juipiters moons are called home to Extraterrestrials. The World Of the Worlds AntiGravity There are many Movies that contain or are about Aliens.
Some Examples are: Men in Black Men in Black II Close incounters of the third kind E.T. : ExtraTrestrial _____________________________________________________________________ The War of the worlds is a book by H.G. Wells. It is famous because he spoke it on the radio. People thought the tale of Exraterestrials attacking the earth was frighting. People did not know the story was fake. This caused a national panic across the U.S.A. Read more about the German Antigravity Syestems
and antigravity in The Hunt For Zero Point by Nick Cook. ___________________________________ ________________________ CREDITS: + is created by FlipnoteProductions and DCJ Group. The War Of the Worlds By H.G. Wells The Hunt For Zero Point By Nick Cook Please Comment! Sometimes Updated. Are we the only ones?
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