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Nazi Germany -vs- Fahrenheit 451

No description

Abby Evans

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Nazi Germany -vs- Fahrenheit 451

By: Abby Evans
7th period Nazi Germany -vs-
Fahernheit 451 Nazi Germany Fahrenheit 451 Similarities Differences People weren't allowed to have books/read, and if they did, the books would be BURNED by firemen
Set in the 24th century
Rumors of war
People watched reality TV
People were irrational, cold hearted The government controlled the information to control the people
People weren't allowed to think for themselves
Both burned books
Both killed innocent people
People turned in their friends, family, and neighbors to authorities
Both were at war Nazi Germany was focused on killing the "undesirable people"; Fahrenheit 451 was trying to exterminate free thought
Nazi Germany is in the past; Fahrenheit 451 is in the future
In Nazi Germany, we know why Hitler started a war; In Fahrenheit 451 we don't know why there was a war Ruled by one person; Hitler
The Nazi's were in power from 1933-1945
They wanted to create a world with only the "master race"
6 million Jews were killed while the Nazi's were in control
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