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Slob By: Ellen Potter


Tori McNeil

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Slob By: Ellen Potter

Owen Birnbaum 57% fatter than the average 12 year old boy!
1 IQ point away from a genius!!!
Ivents cool contrapions- like Nemesis (a T.V. that can show the past)!!!!!!!!
Gets bullied because of overweight
Parents were murdered
Has little sister
Loves Oreos
Goes to Maratha Doxie School Slob By: Ellen Potter Jeremy/ Caitlin Birnbaum Tori McNeil 2nd a year younger than Owen a part of the GWAB(Girls Who Are Boys) club Likes to fight but not with Owen Likes Andre (Owen's friend) In 6th grade has long hair Owen's sister Zelda is the 911 dispatcher for the NYC Police Deparment Every year she gets X-mas cards frompeople who she talked to when they called 911 Thinks that is ridiculous to call Caitlin by her boy name!!! Adopted Owen and Jermey Talked to Owen when his parents were killed and kepted him calm. Heavy-lidded green eyes without a lot of eyelashes, thick glasses with pink frames.lips chap pretty easily, blonde and thin hair, often wears it in a short ponytail, a small wiry man with the skin color of honey.Nima is Tibetan. Grew up in India.Belives in Buddha. makes momos friend of owens Nima Bibliography

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