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Folk Tales

Project for 4th period English

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Transcript of Folk Tales

Folktales By Shelby, Forest, Jacob, and William THE END "Magic Paint Brush" "The Sea King's Daughter" "Magic Paint Brush" "The Timid Hare and the Flight of the Beasts" "Magic Paint Brush" "The Man Who Was a Liar" "The Magic Paint Brush" "The Sea King's Daughter" "The Timid Hare and the Flight of the Beasts" "The Man Who Was a Liar" Has a magic paintbrush as magic in this foktale Teaches not to be greedy. Teach a life lesson Involved Buddhism. Had talking animals as its form of magic Teaches not to not listen to gossip and not go with the crowd. Once upon a time there was a kind man named Ma Liang who liked to draw. He had a dream that an old man gave him a magic paintbrush that made paintings come alive. The old man told him to use it to help poor people.Ma Liang found the paintbrush when he woke up and used it to help people who needed help. A rich man stole the paint brush but it did not work for him so he got people to kidnap Ma Liang. The rich man told Ma Liang to make a gold mountain for him so Ma Liang drew a mountain separated by a sea and a boat and when the rich man got in the boat Ma Liang drew a wave to kill the man. More Realistic Has a good ending Teaches not to lie Both teach an important life lesson Both stories were involved small towns Not likely to happen on real life Had ending that was bad Teaches about greed; the man who wanted a gold mountain Teaches that bad things come to those who are greedy Teaches to help the less fortunate The rich man forces Ma Liang to draw a gold mountain Teaches a lesson Contain magic The main character uses some trickery The main character is poor Teaches that in life everyone has choices Teaches the value of arts- Teaches the well known phrase "When you love your, you will never have to work a day in your life!" The Sea King allows SadKo to choose whether to come to his palace or not There an average man who had a good job, lived in a small town, and a good wife and kids.
He started telling lies to his family and customers. He promised to stop but he did not so his family left him, and he lost his job. One day, a fire started at his home, and he went to the center of town and was screaming but no one believed him, because everyone knew he lied a lot, so his housed burned to the ground. Both have magic in the story Long ago in the river port in the city of Novogrod, there lived a poor but happy musician named SadKo. Every day, he played his gusli at feasts with people more wealthy than imaginable. However, SadKo was very lonely. Whenever he was sad, he would play at the River Volkhov, his favorite river. One day, he wished out loud that he could marry the river. The Sea King invited him to play in his palace, when he got there, the Sea King asks SadKo to marry one of his daughters. Princess Volkhova,the princess of his river, shows up He is told by the queen that once he kisses her, he can never return to his city. Eventually, he chooses his city and relizes the importance of making choices THE END There was a hare who live under a palm sapling when we suddenly wondered what would happen to him if the world were destroyed. At that very moment a vila fruit fell on a palm leaf and the hare believed the world was collapsing He told other animals and eventually all the animals were following him. The lion, being the wisest asked all the animals why they were running and eventually it got back to the hare who told the lion the world was collapsing The lion followed the hare to the place where the earth was collapsing and found out it was just a vila fruit falling on a palm leaf Motif:Lieing, which appears in many different folktales. Motif:A beggar or poor person having the chance to join or become royalty. Motif:Talking animals, which are in a large amount of folktales. Motif: the use of magical objects which was the paint brush in this story.
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