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By Tayler and Rosita

Karen Simmons

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of ...cArS...

The car is a wonderful invention Karl Benz created the car on April 4 1929.
The car was the "Benz 3 Wheeler. Karl Benz This is a bubble car. Bubble cars are a smart idea for a futuristic car!! Beatnik Bubbletop '55 Ford Kustom This is a 1991 Dodge-Ram video Dodge-Ram In 1913, Henry Ford started the assembly line. He created the Ford's Model T. It only came in one color...BLACK. The Assembly Line Bugatti Cars. An automobile is a vehicle that carries it's own motor and transports passengers.. ...cArS... By : Tayler and Rosita Rosita's Favorite. Engineers designed this extraordinary car so people would spend a lot of money on the Bugatti. Range Rover Tayler's favorite The engineers of the Range Rover started
working on this amazing car in '51, and
finished in '70 RANGE ROVER PART 1 RANGE ROVER PART 2 These are designed for
comfort and off roading Summary of an automobile 1970 2013 (HOPE YOU LIKED IT) ...THE END... Mustang Mustangs are one of the most expensive cars there is. Also the fastest... and coolest!!!!! :p
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