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Wrinkle in time timeline


Videlia Roller

on 3 November 2010

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Transcript of Wrinkle in time timeline

A Wrinkle In Time Chapter 1: You meet Mrs. Whatsit Chapter 2: They meet Mrs. Who and Calvin Chapter 3: Calvin meets the family and they meet Mrs. Which Chapter 4: They see the black thing and are explained what it is and what it is doing Chapter 5: They are told what a tesseract is and what it means to tesser Chapter 6: They tesser again and go to a planet to visit the happy medium to show them how things are going with their families Chapter 7: They go to a building and meet the man with red eyes Chapter 9: Meg gets in the transparent column and they all go to see IT Chapter 10: Her father saves her but also hurts her by taking her through the black thing without experience She couldnt move so a beast came and got her to save her Chapter 11: She names this beast that helped her aunt beast she is very comfortable with her and then the three Mrs. come back Chapter 12: She goes back to the planet to save her brother by showing him love then they go home Chapter 8: They go to see IT and on the way they find Meg's father.
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