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State FFA Office- Addie and Makinizi

Makinizi Hoover

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Habitudes

Addie and Makinizi Habitudes Book #1 Your leadership 10% above water is your skill 90% below water is your character It's whats below the water that sinks the ship Titanic recieved 5 iceberg warnings before it went down Still ordered full speed ahead What they saw couldn't sink the ship Underestimated what was below the surface The Iceberg Character Self-discipline: always doing whats right

Core values: principles and morals

Sense of identity: self image

Emotional security: stability and consistency -Video The Starving Baker Feeding Yourself Spend so much time baking for others Forget to feed yourself This makes you unable to really serve others Emotionally starving The best way leaders can serve and grow their people is to tend to their own growth first Golden Buddha Personal Inventory Leaders can't perform well unless they see the gold inside Know your strengths and gifts A huge, ugly concrete buddha sat in town Visitors put trash on it and used it as a coat rack A Buddhist priest decided to move it In the process it cracked and he noticed something underneath the shell Worlds largest chunk of sculptured gold You perform at a level that reflects your perspective -- who you think you are and what you think you can do Thermostat and Thermometer The Fun House Mirror -Video The Oversized Gift Personal Laptop Pop Quiz Pop Quiz 1. What is the shortest sentence in English language?
2. What color was coca cola orginally?
3. What is a pregnant goldfish called?
4.How many hairs are in each of your eyebrows?
5. What type of misquitoes bite people? Males, Females, or both? Emotional Fuel Opportunity Statue Value One year One Month One Week One Day One Hour One Minute One Second One Millisecond Discipline Bridge The Half-Hearted Kamikaze Drivers and Passengers Our Challenge Setting the tone You can merely reflect the climate around you Or you can set the climate around you Leaders develop values and principles to live by Leaders are authenic- they write their own story They don't stray from their beliefs and set the tone Leaders read the climate and decide what must be done to change it -- read people before you lead people Our character must be much bigger on the inside than on the outside Carnival mirrors distort how we really look Poor leaders pretend to be better that they really are Our character is the true reflection But sometimes we don't feel like we measure up Image others have of us Image we project to others Image we have of ourselves Image that is true Types of Images No personal growth We can't feel guilty about taking care of ourselves 70% of Americans do not think on their own... do you? dependence on gifts leads to neglect of character you sabotage yourself when gift is bigger than you taking "shortcuts" only hurts yourself give attention to developing your discipline and personality the greater the size of your gifts, the more you must develop your character Using your gifts take initiative to build your own life gifts are often things people can see character is something that's on the inside our minds work like computers only spits out what is put in can be wonderful, or your enemy Garbage in... Garbage out! Leaders invest the right material inside themselves we naturally act on the things that fill our minds you will become what you are becoming right now repeated exposure affects our subconscious You can file things away and bring them up when needed Leaders experience test Reveal potential, maturity and progress Not fun, but necessary Types of Test Test of small things Motive Check Stewardship Test Authority Test Offense Test Warfare Test Test of Time Mastery Test We are shaped by the people closest to us Our Fuel: Models, Heroes, Mentors, Inner Circle, and Accountability Partners People who don't take, but replinish Your gifts can't be bigger than your talents-- They must grow equally 1. I am.
2. Green
3. Twit
4. About 550
5. Only Females Leaders manage opportunities 86,400 seconds to use or abuse each day Opportunity Statue has hair in front, but bald in back-- You can't grab it once it's gone. Everyone has the same amount of minutes each day but not everyone makes something of those minutes "Teach us to number our days, O Lord, that we many apply our hearts with wisdom" Set priorites and make the most of our time A true Kamikaze pilot only flies in one mission Leaders must be commited to the mission We can't do it all. We must commit and narrow our focus Talk is cheap Live out your values and ideals Sacrifice: Set aside your own pleasures and comfort Most Importantly Purpose: Find your reason for being here on earth Determination: Follow through on your decisions until they are complete Never lead out of need Make sure your emotional tank is full before you lead Our character and our relationships are linked Some people lead because they need followers to fill them up Discipline is like a bridge that gets you from where you are to where you want to be The more discipline ourselves, the easier the journey is Sometimes our character caves in and to repair the damage, we have to build a bridge of discpline to get us there It takes time, effort and practice, but once it's built, you can get back and forth with ease Real discipline will get you from desire to reality It's a long bridge! Don't expect results overnight! Building the Bridge Proverbs 12: 1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. Blame game When life goes bad, people blame others They act like passengers Leaders must be drivers that are responsible for their attitude and destinations in life Drivers positive attitude persistent fortitude purposeful latitude Leaders do not fall into the "victim" mindset Perspective and Performance like Socrates said, "Know thyself" Find your gold, and lead from your strengths!
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