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The Super Seven Reading Strategies

7 Reading Strategies to Increase Comprehension

Stacey McGill

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Super Seven Reading Strategies

The Super Seven Reading Strategies What's most important? Determine
Importance "the sister to imagination" Visualize The joining of two worlds,
our lives and the text Connect Be curious!! Question Filling in, in your head,
what is NOT in the book Infer How does this text change my thinking?
What difference has it made? Synthesize Learn to be 'aware' of your understanding Monitor Light Bulb Moment Good Readers
use specific strategies to
make sense of text Decide the importance of ideas and details

Highlight essential ideas
& isolate supporting details

Summarize: find Who, What, When, Where, Why Create visual images
see pictures in your mind as you read
use all of your 5 senses 'turn on' the camera in your mind Put ideas together:
find meaning both inside and outside the text

create insights and formulate generalizations Books have a way of changing us. slow down or speed up
re-read: Don't let confusion stop you
look for clues
ask somebody Use Fix-Up Strategies
adjust: Can you relate to the characters or plot? TEXT to SELF Things you have seen
and/or read about in other books TEXT to TEXT the text has real-world applications TEXT to WORLD Ask questions of the:
the Text Question what may happen next? Be A BOOK DETECTIVE
Predict/Figure Out

prior knowledge + Info. from text
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