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An E-Ecofeminist: Brittany Shoot

Brittany Shoot is an American freelance writer currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is part of the Feminist Review editorial collective, and her writing has appeared in a variety of publications including Bitch, make/shift, RH Reality Check, Heriz

Jenny You

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of An E-Ecofeminist: Brittany Shoot

Double click anywhere & add an idea Core Thesis Research and
lit review work /author's role in advancing ecofeminist thought conclusion: current status
of acceptance/implementation of these responses to questions and follow up discussion Known as the "Biotic Woman," Brittany Shoot states there is no disconnect between environmental issues, feminism, and animal issues.
Research/Lit Review Advancing ecofeminist
thought Brittany's blogging:
provides a cyber space with an unlimited opportunity to create dialogue between author and reader (2-way). A critic of her own love: Disecting race, sexuality, treatment of animals, treatment of those who work in the fields, and other intersecting issues of ecofem. Bringing all issues to one realm: Quick access to other ecofems in the blogosphere and research articles Affect on the media Conclusion no review from feminist scholars but is highly respected and wanted as a writer on not only ecofeminist issues but mainstream issues as well. bitchmagazine readers are in agreement with her stance on ecofeminism as an intersecting ideology Q&A Ableism within the ecofeminist movement:

Often, certain types of activism are held up as the pinnacles of commitment and getting things done: direction action, demonstrations on the street, confrontational protests, door-to-door, etc.

Could we be alienating PWD from our movements partly by not thinking more of how standard activist work could be more inclusive (in addition to recognizing that PWD exist)? People of color in
the movement:

How is the veganism
similar to feminism in
relation to women of
Eating Local:

Is it just privilege to spend so much time choosing your food, or is food the ultimate personal/political decision?
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