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The Lost Island of Atlantis.

IS enrichment project on Atlantis, 2014! Enjoy!

Michelle Pope

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The Lost Island of Atlantis.

Throughout history there have been stories written about many lost worlds...

Ravenser Odd
Sarah Ann Island

Atlantis is perhaps the most well-known and famous lost world ever written about.
Atlantis: Fact or Fiction?
By: Michelle

Atlantis according to Plato...

Plato was a Greek philosopher who lived from 428-347 BC
He wrote about the lost city of Atlantis in 350 BC
Plato said his facts about Atlantis were based on a story first told by Solon, who was a Greek politician from Athens who lived from 640-558 BC
Plato's writing included detailed descriptions of the city and it's people.
Many have disputed Plato's writing and debated whether or not Atlantis actually existed.
For my project, I wanted to find out more about Atlantis and answer the question:

Did Atlantis really exist, or did Plato just write a fantasy-fiction book?

In this presentation, I will be telling you about Atlantis and will be sharing some different theories about its existence.

In the end I will share my opinion about Atlantis and whether or not I think Atlantis was a real place!
When and where did Atlantis exist?

Plato suggested Atlantis existed in 9,000 BC and was located in the Atlantic ocean
The island was located by the Pillars of Hercules (now called the Straits of Gibraltar), and was ruled by the Greek god, Poseidon.
Atlantis was a beautiful island or as Plato described it....

Atlantis had docks and harbors, temples and palaces, farms, homes and castles
Atlantis' capital city was surrounded by alternate rings of water and land
The gymnasium was used for a very common game in Atlantis, bull-leaping
The island of Atlantis was really big:

Atlantis was bigger than Asia Minor and Libya combined...almost as big as Australia
Plato described that Atlantis was protected by a wall that was 46 miles long
There were 10 cities in Atlantis, and each was ruled by one of the sons of Poseidon
The island of Atlantis was considered to be very rich...

There were many farms on the outer area of the island and all kinds of produce were grown
The island had a large supply of timber
Minerals such as copper and gold were plentiful
Many of the temples and castles in Atlantis were decorated with crystal and gold
Plato also suggested that exotic animals such as elephants could be found on Atlantis
The Origin of Atlantis:

Plato says that Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, created Atlantis to be a safe place for his wife Cleito
Cleito gave birth to 5 sets of twin boys who were the first rulers of Atlantis, each being the king of one of the 10 cities
In one of the temples of Atlantis, there was a big golden statue of Poseidon to honor him as the founder of Atlantis
This is a picture
of Poseidon's wife Cleito.
Greed sets in...the wars begin

Over time, Atlanteans became greedy for power and wanted to conquer other lands
Plato said that Atlantis had a huge army
60,000 "captains" who controlled a huge army of people from the island
10,000 chariots
1,000 galleys (wooden ships powered by oars)
Troops from Atlantis went to war in Europe and Asia and defeated many armies
The Atlantean army was eventually defeated by the Athenians
In 1968, an archaeologist named Dr. J. Manson Valentine went to the Bahamas, Valentine went to an area great for fishing and he saw a line of huge stones under the water. The line of stones was nearly 700 yards(640m) long. Could this have been part of the long wall that protected Atlantis? In 1975, a team of experts went to make a full survey of these stones. The team said it could have been worked by human hands. Possibly Atlanteans!
Great architects and miners...

The structures in the cities on Atlantis were far-advanced for the age
Man-made canals, harbors and docks for shipping
Civic buildings
Structures were finished with precious metals mined on the island
Gold, silver, copper
Some authors think the Egyptian pyramids were built by survivors of Atlantis to transform seismic energy into electricity
The people of Atlantis:

The people who lived in Atlantis were called Atlanteans
Plato said Atlanteans were the descendents of Poseidon
Atlantis and Atlanteans was a very advanced society for the time
The people were said to be great engineers and architects
Plato also said the population was very spiritual and peaceful at first
The island was so rich in resources that people didn't have to work very hard to survive
Every few years the kings would meet to talk about the laws of Atlantis, but war was forbidden among the cities of Atlantis
There are many theories about Atlantis: how it sank, about the Atlanteans, how Atlantis was created and much more
I will share with you some interesting theories and what Plato and I think about Atlantis
A german scientist and engineer named Otto Muck had a theory that a meteorite hitting Atlantis caused it to sink.
In his book Secrets of Atlantis, there is a picture of 2 huge holes 4.3 meters deep on the sea floor in the western Atlantic
This is the author of Secrets of Atlantis: Otto Muck
In the book, The Mystery Of Atlantis by Holly Wallace, one of the theories is that the island of Crete is actually the lost island of Atlantis:

Here are some things Crete and Atlantis have in common:

-The Minoan people worship bulls for the same reason as the Atlanteans

-The island of Atlantis is home to Atlanteans, the island of Crete is home to the Minoan people. Both islands are home to ancient civilizations

-The Minoan civilization on Crete was destroyed by a series of disasters including earthquakes and floods and there are many theories that, that's how Atlantis was destroyed
A great Atlantean pastime...

Atlanteans were said to enjoy sports like the game of bull-leaping
Bull-leaping was a dangerous sport where the "leaper" had to grab a bull by its horns and do an acrobatic leap or sommersault over the back of the bull
A British archaeologist named Sir Arthur Evans found many paintings and sculptures of bulls, however it is unclear if these are actually related to the people of Atlantis

This is a picture of the game bull leaping and one of the pictures Evans found.
Let's take a look at Atlantis, according to Plato's theory...
There is also a theory that maybe Atlantis lied where the the islands of Azores are:
-Ignatius Donnelly claimed that the Azores were the mountaintops of a large, sunken island probably Atlantis
-This theory has been disproved though because the science of oceanography shown that the Azores islands have grown up from the seabed as a result of sea-floor spreading there couldn't be anything underneath
This is islands of Azores
Masters of flight...

Atlanteans are said to have mastered flight thousands of years before the Wright brothers invented the first plane
In the late 19th century, a wooden artifact that looked exactly like a model of a plane was found in the Upper Nile Valley (in Egypt)
Civilizations far and wide have told folk tales about flying aircrafts:
The Ancient Hindu (India) talked about an aircraft called Vimanas
The Incas (Peru) spoke of Kon-Tiki Viracocha and his flying temple
The Hopi Indians (Arizona, USA) talked about ancient vehicles flown long distances
Atlantologists suggest these folk tales are based on the Atlantean technology that created some form of aircraft
The destruction of Atlantis according to Plato...

Plato suggested that Zeus became angry at the greed of the Atlanteans and their kings
The Atlantean kings had broken their promise to live by the gods and had begun to marry mortal women
Zeus decided the Atlanteans has lost their spiritual way and become an evil race
As a result, Zeus and the gods wanted to punish Atlanteans and allowed Atlantis to be destroyed
"There occurred violent earthquakes and floods, and in a single day and night, the island of Atlantis was swallowed up by the sea and disappeared."
Solon's account of the destruction of Atlantis
Now that we've looked at Plato's description of Atlantis, it's people, and it's destruction, let's examine some other theories...
Other possible locations...
A U.S author named Alan F. Alford, in one of his books he had a theory that Atlantis could maybe have situated in Antarctica. The time that Plato said Atlantis existed, Antarctica was ice free. When it did freeze over around 6,000 years ago, the people (Atlaneans) spread far and wide throughout the world including Egypt. But geological study of ancient rock and ice samples, said that Antarctica was covered in ice 2 to 3 million years ago. So this theory is incorrect.
A german scholar named Dr. Jurgen Spanuth, tried to prove in his book Atlantis of the North written in 1967 that Atlantis was located off the northwest coast of Germany where there was a group of sunken islands. Also, he said that Atlaneans were the early ancestors of vikings. There is however, no evidence found to support his theory.
Dr. Rainer Kuehne suggested that Atlantis used to be a large region off the southwest coast of Spain. This area was sunken by a tsunami about 12,000 years ago. This is about the same time that plato described the earthquakes and floods that sunk Atlantis. The sunken Spanish lands lied close to the Straits of Gibraltar, that`s where Plato said Atlantis could be found. These lands were originally part of Spain while Plato wrote about a island.
My opinion is Atlantis is really the island of Crete just Plato changed the name and tried to make it his own. I think this because as I said in another slide Atlantis and Crete have a lot in common. I also think Plato changed the timeline of ''Atlantis" to make it different then the timeline of Crete. I will tell you why...
Atlantis could possibly be the island of Crete because there is a lot of things the same between them, the people, land, and other things are described the same. The only thing different is the timeline. According to Plato, Atlantis existed in 9,000BC. Crete existed 2700- 1420BC. Plato possibly could have just switched the time of Atlantis to make it more different or to make it more his own.
Plato wrote 2 books/dialogues to describe Atlantis.
They were called Timaeus and Crito, Timaeus was written in 360BC.
Plato never finished Crito due to his death
Fun Facts about Atlantis...
Atlantis is said to have people with possession of exceptional powers. ( people with magic powers). These people could control the weather, modify volcanic eruptions for pleasure, they had a love for unpleasant weather such as thunderstorms instead of calm waters
people say that some Atlanteans had a device that allowed them to channel energy from time and space
Atlanteans are said to have been different from humans now, they were much taller, had very fair skin and lived to around 800 years
I don't think that its very likely that a place as big as Atlantis could disappear and with the technology we have today, not being able to find strong evidence related to Atlantis. There has been a lot of different places that different people have suggested where Atlantis could have existed. North Bimini ( Bahamas, Florida), Whales, Uk, Southern Spain and the obvious Atlantic Ocean all these are possible locations of Atlantis yet no evidence has been found in any of these places that relates back to Atlantis.
Northwest coast of Germany.
There is Gibraltar
This is all the island of Crete
I hope you learned a lot about Atlantis in this presentation. Also, I hope you enjoyed learning and watching this presentation.
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