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Charlayne Hunter Gault

No description

Alden McDonald

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Charlayne Hunter Gault

Charlayne Hunter Gault
What did she do for America?
Charlayne Hunter Gault wanted every African American to be educated. She wanted all schools to integrate. She tried to do this when she tried to enroll to UGA she was rejected. She got legal help and was later enrolled along with her friend into UGA and was one of the first two African Amercians to enroll.
What else?
Charlayne Hunter Gault was also awarded a jouralist award by the
New York Times.
What did she do?
Charlayne Hunter Gault was a Civil Rights Activist. That means she fought for African American rights.
Born when?
Charlayne Hunter Gault was born Feb. 27th, 1942 in South Carolina. Her family moved around a lot due to her father in the army.
In Conclusion
Charlayne was a Civil Rights Hero.
Text book.
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