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Applications of Static Electricity

No description

Owen Stichhaller

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Applications of Static Electricity

Applications of Static Electricity By: Owen Stichhaller
For: Mr. Lao (SNC1D)
April 5th, 2013 Introduction to Static Electricity What is Static Electricity? In simplified words, static electricity is the excess amount of electric charge that is found on the surface of an object. Static electricity also occurs in your everyday life. Have you ever walked around on your carpet and then touched something metal like a doorknob or light switch? You probably received a "shock." This is a very common example of static electricity! Lightning Rods and Diversion Systems A simple lightning rod diversion system
is a metal rod mounted on top of a tall building with a wire, or conductor of some sort that connects to another metal rod deep in the ground. A lightning rod brings the electrons to the ground to prevent a fire in the building or electrical shock to someone. The impact on humans and society the lightning rod had was that it allowed people to safely bring the electrical charges to the ground. It saved building and houses from distruction. Lightning is a large discharge of static electricity. Lightning rods:
bring the static charge to the ground
divert it away from structures
prevent fires and shock L GHTNING What is lightning? You may have seen it in the sky during a thunderstorm but what is it? Lightning is a big electrostatic release in between electrically charged areas near clouds. Lightning kills approximately 2 000 human beings each year. Lightning is essential to life and the environment because:
- When it strikes it leaves nitrogen in the air
- the nitrogen is then washed away by the rain
- then the nitrogen fertilizes the soil and plants Lightning is related to static charge because lightning
is static electricity, just insanely larger! Lightning is no different than the shock your receive on your fingers! Lightning may be a fundamental key to the universe. Microfiber Cloths and Electrostatic Dusters A microfiber cloth is a cloth that is treated with chemicals to make it negatively charged. it picks up dust easier this way. It makes humans jobs easier by:
picking dust and dirt up easily
sticking the dirt to the cloth An electrostatic dust remover is an object that attracts dust
by the friction it generates. This picks up lint or dust and leaves the surface clean. Both of these objects relate to static charge because they use charges to attract dirt and dust. This is an application of static electricity. Laundry's Static Cling Static cling is just static electricity. The clothes usually stick to each other after being rubbed together. Fabric softener contains liquids that reduce static cling. Static cling makes it harder for
humans to sort clothing. Fabric softener makes humans jobs easier though
because it reduces static cling. This is an example of the triboelectric effect. END STATIC FREE FLOORS REFERENCES www.wisegeek.com www.nbcnews.com www.bookpump.com environment.nationalgeographic.com wikipedia/lightning.com www.swiffer.net www.armstrong.com Static free floors reduce the amount of charges and static electricity. They prevent metal equipment from being
damaged. They help humans because they protect
valuable appliances and equipment. THANK YOU These floors reduced static charges.
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