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West Okanagan Lake waterfront

Four concepts for Lakeshore Drive

Simone Blais

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of West Okanagan Lake waterfront

West Okanagan Lake revitalization Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3 Concept 4 Your input is important!
The following concepts were developed after hearing the public's thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how they envision Lakeshore Drive.
What do you think? Thank you The waterfront is for everyone, and that's why
your input is very important.

Now that you've seen the concepts,
what do you think?
The Pines naturalization Five-metre multi-use path
Peach Plaza
Walkway upgrade to Kiwanis Pier Boardwalk over water SS Sicamous plaza
Inland Marine Heritage Park improvements Smaller Power Street plaza Flexible parallel parking
Mini plazas at pedestrian crosswalks Five-metre multi-use path
Peach Plaza
Walkway upgrade to Kiwanis Pier SS Sicamous plaza variation Varied parking (angle and flexible parallel)
Mini plazas at pedestrian crosswalks Larger Power Street plaza
The Pines naturalization Boardwalk over water 3-metre wide path with smooth surface for east end; narrows to 2.4 metres west of crosswalk at laneway
Path diverts around trees where possible
East end features: permeable walkway surface to address drainage and raised path level with road
Expanded paver plaza at The Peach Two pedestrian crossings reduced creating additional parking
Sharp corners smoothed Path raised to road level at Power Street Consistent 3-metre wide path
Removal and replacement of trees to allow for path
Boardwalk over the water as alternative to winding path
East end features limited permeable surface Meandering path and picnic area at The Pines
Path at road level except for Pines diversion Parking maximized
Trees removed and replanted Removal of bumps at Lakawanna Park Moderate increase to green space Substantial increase to green space
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