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Arbor Day

Bryan Vileck and Kamelotte Gregory's Health Project!

kamie gregory

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Arbor Day

The Day of Trees! ARBOR DAY! Prezi by: Bryan Vilcek Purpose: To add trees in order to help protect the
environment from problems such as, soil erosion. It
helps to provide clean air and habitats for wild life. Where? Trees can be planted anywhere, like parks and
forests and even in cities! Environmental Health Project AND Kamie Gregory WHEN?! APRIL 27th
(annually) HOW?! Anyone can take part on this momentous day!
All one needs is a shovel and a tree! Arbor day is important in maintaining a healthy tree population throughout the world! The future outlook for this day is looking good as it is strongly supported by the ARBOR DAY foundation (www.arborday.org) ! IN CONCLUSION A World without trees: BAD

Arbor Day: AMAZING!
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