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The Thirty Years' War

No description

Grace Reiss

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of The Thirty Years' War

Back Story
Phase One
Bohemian Phase (1618-23)
Phase 3
Swedish Phase (1630-35)
Phase 4
French Phase (1635-48)
Phase 2
Danish Phase (1625-29)
The Thirty Years' War
By: Logan, Dylan and Grace

King Ferdinand II
The Impact
The Protestant Reformation and the 95 thesis
Thirty Years War Summarized.
Jewish Involvement
Jewish services were more welcome to Germany due to the fact of the devastation of the population, commerce and trade in the German lands

Hurt the local people
Last major war in Europe over religion
Plants seed of anger that leads to later rebellions
Killed many Crops
Peace of Westphalia

October 24, 1648
Holy Roman Empire weakened
Calvinism accepted
Freedom of private worship
Countries gain land and independence
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