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Prezi on college as a social expectation.

Shiara Robinson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of College

COLLEGE Going to college was a privilege. Now getting a high school diploma is a given, and recieving a college degree is an expectation. Even though it is hard to find a well paying job in the U.S. today, the weight of a college degree has decreased. This is because “a college degree doesn’t offer as much leverage as it used to,” if you don’t have other assets to add to a resume alongside a college degree (The weight of… par. 1). College diplomas became so essential when the “the college-age population increased at an average annual rate of 1 percent” (Dresch 108 The rate of college enrollment has only further advocated going to college becoming a social standard. But, where does this social pressure start? Factors that contribute to this expectation include; parents, universities, teachers, and peers My high school, as well as many of the surrounding high schools were no exception.

They start students on the college track in 7th grade. But what about other options?

Fifty years ago, people were more worried about providing for their families, so naturally the next step after high school was getting a job. For people out there that possibly can't afford college right now, don't think it is neccessary, or just want to start work, there are other schooling/ training options. So, instead of the country pressuring the young generation to go to college, there should be more of an emphasis on perfecting a trade Our society today has coined going to college above starting a career or going to the Military after college, which has turned going to college into a social expectation
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