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Reconstruction Part 1

No description

Angela Brazell

on 14 January 2018

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Transcript of Reconstruction Part 1

The South after Slavery
SS8H6 Analyze the impact of Reconstruction on Georgia.

c. Compare and contrast the goals and outcomes of the Freedmen's Bureau and the Ku Klux Klan.

e. Give examples of goods and services produced during the Reconstruction Era, including the use of sharecropping and tenant farming.
How did social, political, and economic Reconstruction of the South take place?
Essential Question
Big Idea
Can two opposing sides work together after a conflict?
What kind of person was William Sherman?
Sherman at Ebenezer
What does Reconstruction mean?
The South needs to rebuild infrastructure (roads, homes, businesses, railroads)

Also need to reconstruct their society and create a new way of life (no more slaves)
Where are the former
slaves going to live?
What are the former slaves going to do for jobs?
Freedman's Bureau
Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
Share Cropping
These freedmen had only the clothes on their back
Most went from place to place looking for food, shelter, work
Others searched for spouses or children that had been sold away from them
Former slaves feared former masters would re-enslave them
Whites found it difficult to accept former slaves as free persons or as equals
Established by the U.S. government
Helped former slaves and poor whites with clothing, food, & other necessities
Started to focus on educating former slaves
Northerners & missionaries send money and teachers
Tried to keep freedmen from using their new civil rights
Began as a confederate social club for returning soldiers
Turned into an organization of terror
They intimidated, beat, and murdered African Americans and those who helped them
Workers were former slaves & poor whites
Landowners provided land, a house, farming tools, animals, & seeds
Owner sold worker food, medicine & clothing at high prices on CREDIT until the worker had crops to sale
After selling their crops
& paying the owner for the supplies they had put on CREDIT, workers had little to no money left
Few sharecroppers could read so many land owners & shop keepers cheated them
This happened year after year & workers never made enough to buy their own land
Tenant Farming
Different from sharecropping
Owned some farming
equipment & animals
Bought their own seed
Paid owner for using land with cash or a share of the crops at the end of the year
Usually made more money than sharecroppers
Allowed landowners
to keep profiting from
their plantations
Key Terms
Freedman's Bureau
Ku Klux Klan
Share Cropping
Tenant Farming
Reconstruction: The Second Civil War

Fill in the blanks as you view the film

Pages 18-19
Share Cropper Body Biography

Complete the assignment on page 12 of your notes

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