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The Evolution of Monster Horror Movies

No description

erin chatman

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of The Evolution of Monster Horror Movies

The Evolution of Monster Horror Movies
2 key components
The Purpose
Create a sense of fear and panic
Make the viewer believe the storyline and increase adrenaline
1. History of monster movies
2. Components of a scary move
3. Early monster movies
4. Modern monster horror movies
5. Why do we like horror movies?

Horror Movies
Artistic composition (music, literature, and movies)
Examples: horror , actions-adventures, and romantic
Designed to frighten and terrify
Incorporate our nightmares, fear of the unknown, and ever present fear of death
Related fears and the element of surprise
Keeps the audience intrigued and interested
Special Effects
It is the way the movie is filmed
It is the camera angles and background music
Adds suspense
Strong Story line
A strong story line is very pivotal
The plot can make the film believable or very fake
Early Monster Horror Movies
Involve intense violent scenes
Similiar story lines
Examples: Frankenstien, Dracula, and The Vampire
Modern Monster Movies
Modern movies have different plots where as earlier movies had similiar story lines
Examples: Cloverfield, Pan Labyrinth, and Dawn of the Dead

King Kong
Psychological movies
Silence of the Lambs
Shutter Island
Belief Factor
Evolved from vampires and zombies to supernatural forces and foreign creatures
" Based on true events"
Leaves a creepy, eerie feeling
Society creates their own fears....

Personal views
Drastic change in horror movies
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