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Three Main Branches of Criminology

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ashley ellis

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Three Main Branches of Criminology

Three Main Branches of Criminology Sociology 12 Criminal Etiology Penology Penology also looks at the reasons for various societal responses to crime: This Includes: For Example Sociology of Law refers to the origins, nature, application and modification of our criminal laws. Sociology of Law Laws reflect cultural values. They will differ significantly across societies and will change over time to reflect changing values, beliefs and social realities. Criminal etiology refers to the study of the causes of criminal behavior Criminals are individuals who have ambitious goals but have no legal way to reach them

Criminal behavior is learned from those with whom we spend time Penology explores the agencies and processes concerned with the apprehension and treatment of offenders.

The desire for retribution (ie. “eye for an eye”)

The desire for restoration (ie. taking whatever steps are necessary to “undo” negative effects of the offense The Police

The Courts

The Correctional System Laws are consciously created and maintained by members of a society. It looks to explain criminal behavior
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