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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Project

No description

John Blackwell

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Project

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

By Nick S, Ryan W, John B, And Mike C The Warsaw Ghetto uprising took place in Warsaw, Poland during the Nazi Occupation, in World War 2 The Jews fought back because of their refusal to go to Treblinka Extermination Camp. This took place in 1943 when Jews brought together enough courage to stand up to the Nazis and fight back.
Believe it or not, They had actually been preparing for this. The uprising started with “the Third Front” which was the first time that the Jews fought back against the Nazis, which occurred on January 9th. When the Nazis came to send more Jews to Treblinka, the Jews instead attacked the Nazis from the rooftops. They were successful in these
attacks and forced the Nazis to retreat. For the first two days after Hitler's birthday the Nazis fought the Jews... On the third day the Nazis burned the ghetto... The Nazis then came back on April 19th to attack the Jews in honor of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. After lots of fighting in Poland, the Jews lost the uprising to the Nazis. This is an image of a Nazi tank attacking the Jewish ghetto during the Polish Ghetto Uprising. Even though some people don't think that the jews fought back, they really did. The Warsaw Ghetto originally contained nearly 450,000 people, but of January of 1943,the number was cut down to roughly 37,000 people. One of the reasons the Jews were able to fight the Nazis was because Polish people would travel to the ghetto and smuggle things like food, and weapons. This is a picture of a bombing in Warsaw In The Man From The Other Side by Uri Orlev the main character Marek, a 14 year old boy goes into the business smuggling with his step father. Marek and his step father would smuggle any thing from food to guns, to hand grenades. Marek and his step father would walk 4 hours to the Jewish ghetto and back to their house with sacks on their back full of food and other things. They traveled to and from the ghetto One day, Marek found a Jew on the run from the Nazis named Pan Jozek. When the uprising began, Pan Jozek wanted to join the rebels Marek then offered to hide Pan Jozek from the Nazis So Marek decided to take him there thought the sewers, but when the sewer collapsed he was forced to stay in the Jewish ghetto and join the uprising. During this time Pan Jozek was killed by a German. Marek's Step dad was sent by the underground to escort some Jews and Marek to safety.
They were then given weapons so they could fight the Nazis in their attack.
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