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Objective & Subjective Description

No description

Eunice Hong

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Objective & Subjective Description

Objective Description
-focuses on facts, statistics, observable details
-types of objective description:
training manuals
business reports
government publications
-avoids emotion, sensationalism, or subjective interpretation
When is Subjective Description used?
-best suited for personal essays, reviews, persuasive speeches, and commentaries.
-often used in advertising to motivate consumers
Example of Objective Description:
"UN aid officials report that the drought has exacerbated the famine. Farms and cattle ranches have failed. Food production has virtually ceased. The death rate in refugee camps has increased 20% to 150 per day. Orphans have left the camps to beg for food from convoy drivers bringing supplies from the coast."
When is Objective Description Used?
-best suited for academic, business, and professional writing
-although writer may have an opinion, it is reflected by selecting factual details rather than using figurative language

Subjective Description
-reflects thoughts, feelings, mood of writer
-seeks to create powerful impressions
-developed through careful selection of details and use of connotations
-to be effective, must use emotional appeals and images that readers will understand and appreciate
Example of Subjective Description:
"The once fertile valley is now a dusty moonscape of dry riverbeds, broken earth, and skeletons. Hundreds of men and women die of thirst, hunger, and disease in the heat and dust of the hopeless refugee camps. Emaciated orphans wander along the highway, lifting bony, empty hands to passing drivers. Scarred by hunger and loss, their young faces are old with death."
Objective & Subjective Description
Thank you!
More Subjective Examples:
-one writer may write a glowing description of Las Vegas as marvelous, glamorous...
...while another writer may focus on the city's shallow glitz, tasteless opulence, and moral decay
Blending Objective & Subjective Description
-Writers often blend obj. and subj. description to balance factual detail w/ power of emotional impressions
-popular bios, news magazines, marketing materials often present a mix of fact and image
-by blending obj. w/ subj., readers get both logical and emotional appeal
Example of Blending Objective & Subjective Description:
Every six minutes someone dies of hunger and disease in the refugee camp.
Drought has destroyed the people's ability to grow food. With only a cup of rice a day to sustain them, orphans have left the camp to beg along the highways. Unless you help, many of them will not survive more than a month."
Blended Obj. and Subj. Description
-seek to enliven factual detail
-generally avoid long blocks of dry facts or highly sensational images
-effective in reaching mass audience
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