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Weight Discrimination

No description

Kristi Mellom

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Weight Discrimination

Weight Based Social Identity Threat:
The Impact on Cognition

"Fat Shaming"
ie. weight stigmatization / discrimination
Weight Perception
My Thesis Project
Stereotypes, Stigma, Social Identity Threat
Integrated Process Model
of Social Identity Threat
(Schmader, Johnson & Forbes, 2008)
- Decrease Self Efficacy over eating
- Increased caloric consumption
- Decreased Inhibitory response
* in women who perceive
themselves as overweight
Proposed sequence:
"The Ironic Effects of Weight Stigma"
(Major, Hunger, Bunyan & Miller, 2014)
Time 1: Questionnaires & Tasks (baseline)
Time 2: Article -> Tasks (manipulation)
2 conditions: WBSIT or No WBSIT
URPP: 60 participants, Males & Females
Tasks Measure:
Effortful Inhibition, Working Memory, Executive Attention, Reaction Time, Non-verbal learning & memory

- Discourage Weight Stigmatization + Discrimination
- Improve therapeutic interventions for weight management/weight loss
New: My Study
1. Males
2."Cognitive Depletion" - more thorough measure: which functions are affected?
3. Examine body dissatisfaction, weight stigma consciousness + other related constructs
Cognitive/"executive" Resources:
self control & goal directed behavior
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