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Untitled Prezi

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Elena Voronova

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Content Provider sites where individuals with particular interests, hobbies, common experiences, or social networks can come together and "meet" online
revenue: advertising, subscription fees, affiliate fees
e.g. About.com, iVillage.com, CNet.com, Friendster.com, Facebook, Babystyle.com Community Provider site that processes transactions for consumers that are normally handled in person, by phone, or mail
revenue: transaction fees, advertising, affiliate fees
e.g. Hotels.com, e-Ticket.com Transaction Broker Service Provider Web-based businesses that use Internet technology to create markets that bring buyers and sellers together
revenue: transaction fees, advertising
e.g. Ebay.com, Priceline.com Market Creator e-Tailer Business-to-Customer B2C B2B by Elena Voronova -Business Models distributes information content, such as digital up-to-date news, special-interest "how-to" guidance and tips, music, photos, and video over the Web
revenue: advertising, subscription fees, affiliate fees
e.g. CNN.com, HBR.com, MP3.uz, Emerald.com businesses offering services online rather than products
revenue: sales of services, advertising
e.g. Dropbox.com, VisaNow.com, Deloitte.com, Skype on-line retail store
on-line distribution channel for a company that has a physical store
revenue: Sales of goods, advertising
e.g. Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Sony.com, Otto.de, Yarmarka.uz Business-to-Business e-Distributor e-Procurement Exchanges Portal offers users powerful Web search tools as well as an integrated package of content and services all in one place
revenue: advertising, subscription fees, affiliate referral fees
e.g. Yahoo.com, MSN.com, GOOGLE.com online version of retail and wholesaler store
owned by one company
supply products and services directly to individual businesses
revenue: sales of goods
e.g. Partstore.com, Grainger.com creates and sells access to digital electronic markets
offer purchasing firms a sophisticated set of sourcing and supply chain management tools that help firms reduce supply chain costs
revenue: fees for services
e.g. Ariba.com, Perfectcommerce.com, an independent digital electronic marketplace where suppliers and commercial purchasers can conduct transactions
usually serve a single vertical industry such as steel, polymers etc
revenue: fees and commissions of transactions
e.g. Farms.com, Chemconnect.com forward auctions reverse auctions Any Questions??? thank u
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