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zurika kenney

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Methamphetamine

Bibliography The End Methamphetamine Methamphetamine Diagnostic testing Case Study Sketches Meth is classified as central nervous system stimulant drug, which is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder. This drug can easily dissolve in water or alcohol and can be taken orally, by snorting, needle injection, and by smoking. By Zurika, Suba, & Zack Psychological Dependency When meth is injected/smoked it immediately produces an intensely
pleasurable sensation know as a "rush", by releasing high levels of dopamine in the brain.
associates the drug with people, places, and events. Short term effects: Increases wakefulness, physical activity, respiration, heart rate, and blood pressure.
Decreases a persons appetite, irregular heart beat, and cardiovascular collapses. Controlled Substance Act is the legal foundation of all federal
government's fight against the abuse of drugs and other substances. classified as a Schedule II drug for its high potential of abuse or addiction.
You must have a written prescription to access schedule 11 drugs which cannot be refilled. Physical Dependency physical dependence on methamphetamine can develop after a single use, and can take multiple uses to change the brain enough to cause physical cravings.
drug cravings, difficulty sleeping, depression, irritability, uncontrollable shaking, and a loss of energy. Meth is taken in small amounts Base aka Cocaine The drug Laws in Georgia If convicted of possessing of distributing a controlled substance the person would face jail time, probation fines, or a suspended drivers license. Controlled Substances
They are placed into different categories.
Prescription drugs
Non-prescription drug
Conseqences are enhanced if found with drugs on federal grounds. 1st Offense:
Felony and possible sentence
2-15 yrs in prison 2nd & Subsequent offenders:
Felony 5-30 yrs 1st offense:
6 months 2nd offense:
1 year 3rd offense:
at least 2 years Drivers License Suspension Long term effects:
Violent behavior
Psychotic behavior
Auditory hallucinations
Mood swings
Delusions and paranoia
Homicidal or suicidal thoughts Judgment Addiction Depression Learning Tolerance High Effects on the Brain Impairs the ability to learn, basic verbal task, & motor skills. quickly builds up a tolerance to meth. Fills the brain with dopamine, that produces pleasure. hooks people faster than almost any other illegal drug impairs the frontal lobe that governs judgment , impulse control, and the ability to determine consequences. Damages systems in the brain that regulate emotions and the ability to experience pleasures. 2 Dual Panel THC/M-AMP Test: the detection of THC and Meth in human urine within 4 to 6 minutes. has and accuracy of 98% if used correctly. AMP Drug Test: The Amphetamine drug test is designed to determine any type of amphetamine drug substances in human urine specimens. Signs of early meth use:
Decreased appetite
Increased physical activity
Diluted Pupils
etc.... Signs of meth overdose:
Convulsions/ Tremors
Rapid breathing
Dangerous increase in blood pressure
Cardiovascular collapse
Seeing spots ( due to the pressure on nerves in the eyes. Ingredients:
Gasoline additives
Starting Fluid
Paint thinner
Rock salt
Brake cleaner
lye (drain cleaner)
Battery acid
ect...... Chemical Reaction you must have Precursor Reagent Soluents Catalyst http://www.methproject.org/ http://www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/methnet/news/edition1/story7.html http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/methamphetamine http://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts/stimulants The proper collection and preservation of drug evidence The laboratory handles with the the analysis of marijuana and other drugs and medicinal preparations that are involved in criminal cases. Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry:A method where a sample mixture is first separated by liquid chromatography before being ionized and characterized by mass-to-charge ratio and relative abundance using two mass spectrometers in series. heat-sealed KAPAK bags paper container Confirmation Test presumptive Tests Caffeine Amphetamines Samples of Controlled Substances: Meth & PCP:
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