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Technology - Graphics

No description

libby ollerton

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology - Graphics

By Libby Ollerton 8Green Technology - Graphics Design Brief Thinking Time Management Plan Investigating Criteria for Success Design Limitations Evaluation Make a logo for my own range of clothing. Present the logo two ways: 1. printed on paper and 2. printed on fabric.
Create a swing tag to go on your clothing. Knowledge - my limited knowledge may not allow me to do everything I want Time - Band camp is in week 6 and so I will miss out on two lessons. Stuff that could stop me from completing my homework like broken computer at home or internet not working, sickness etc. Make sure the colours on my logo match the type of clothing I am selling. The swing tag is to be no bigger than the palm of my hand The writing needs to be a good colour so that it is readable against the background colour Put on everything that is usually on a swingtag. The swing tags have the labels name on the front of the tag. On the other side, they have a barcode, a serial number, the price and it tells you what the clothing is. Name Ideas:
Ludique Notes on swing tags:
all the tags would hang off the clothes tag on the back of the collar.
design 2 is meant to be like a play swing, so that might not be able to hang off the tag like the others would or it would be attached to the bottom of the shirt so it can swing This term was very successful for me. I was able to stick to my time management plan and I made sure that I finished at home what I didn't finish at school. I'm really happy with my logo design, I don't think that I would change it much. I think that the best feature of my design is the fact that it is able to change shape without making it very hard to read. For example, on my swing tag I had to change the shape so that it would fit onto the size swing tag that I wanted, but it still looked fine and was easy to read. The trickiest part was with the colours, I wanted to do a gradient but it took me a while to work out how to do it and then when I saved it, some of the gradient's didn't work properly. The easiest part for me was making the swing tag because I just had to put on my logo and a few other pieces of information that I wanted to put on. I feel as if I have also meet my criteria. My swing tag needs to not break your hands when trying to get it off the clothing. My logo has to be appealing to the eye so that people will want to bye the clothing.
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