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Nursery Rhymes: Creating Readers and Preserving History

EDUC 5313

Robin Christmas

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Nursery Rhymes: Creating Readers and Preserving History

Nursery rhymes are important for many reasons. These reasons include:
*children who can rhyme are better readers.
*nursery rhymes increase language, cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development.
*nursery rhymes help preserve history and have cultural significance.
*children have fun learning nursery rhymes!

The following presentation includes nursery rhymes and brief descriptions of the history behind some of the most well known nursery rhymes.

History of Itsy Bitsy Spider
It is believed that the song of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" was created to help improve children's manual dexterity. The origin of the song is not known, but the spider is know by other names like "Incy Wincy."

History of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
Two sisters, Ann and Jane Taylor penned the words to the famous poem and had it published in 1806. The original poem has more words than the abbreviated song we sing today. This song is great for teaching similes and imagery with words.
Origin of "Humpty Dumpty"
Many in the past have believed Humpty Dumpty to refer to an obese person, however, this is not true! Humpty Dumpty was the name of a large cannon used to help protect a walled village called Colchester during the English Civil War. The cannon was destroyed during the siege leading to the nursery rhyme as we know it today. The image of Humpty Dumpty was made famous by Lewis Carroll in his book--
Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Little Miss Muffet!
Who would have guessed that "Little Miss Muffet" was an actual person? Her real name was Patience Muffet and her stepfather was an entomologist. It is reported that one morning, while eating her breakfast of curds and whey, a real spider of her stepfather's frightened Patience away from her food.

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Nursery Rhyme Lyrics, Origins, and History http://www.rhymes.org.uk

Rhymers are Readers: The Importance of Nursery Rhymes. http://www.kbytv.org/kidsandfamily/readytolearn/file.axd?file=2011%2F3%2F2+Rhymers+are+Readers-Why+Important.pdf

Videos Courtesy of YouTube

Nursery Rhymes: Creating Readers and Preserving History
Nursery Rhymes: Creating Readers and Preserving History
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