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Workshop: Forming the learning space for collaboration

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Md Saifuddin Khalid

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Workshop: Forming the learning space for collaboration

Workshop: Forming the learning space for research collaboration in D4Learning Group
What are our current practices of collaborative research activities in digital learning space?
First, we start with what we practice and what we know. So the question is, "what collaborative platforms do we use and for which activities?" (10 minutes)
Second, overview responses. (10 min)

How to strengthen collaborative research activities in digital learning space?
D4Leaning research group will demonstrate transformation through digital tool adoption in research activities at individual and group levels. So, we might begin with the following:

First, to make each member's all publications visible through "researchgate.net" and "academia.edu".

Second, to make group library in "zotoro"/refworks comprising group-members' publications and suggested readings.

The visibility and collaborative activities will grow in course of time.
The Learning Space
This workshop attempts to capture the diversities and commonalities of research interests among the members of the D4Learning research group. Three keywords in the workshop title are "learning", "space" and "collaboration". First, we shall explore "what scholarly aspects can we learn from each other?"

Each participant will go through a four-phase keyword summarizing activity, facilitated through Google forms and questions to inform research interests and expertise. The four phases are about (1) theories, (2) research paradigms and methodologies, (3) methods and (4) practices.
What scholarly contributions do we bring through the D4Learning group?
First, we visit the following link and fill-up the form (20 minutes).
Second, we look at the responses to get a quick and holistic knowledge diversity we bring together in the group (15 minutes).
Third, a round of reflections (10 minutes) & break.
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