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Continuous Improvement Briefing

The Xavier High School Regiment's presentation to Cadet Command in 2014

Benjamin Heni

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Continuous Improvement Briefing

Regimental Staff Continuous Improvement Briefing
Xavier High School
Regimental Commander
C/COL Benjamin Heni
Responsible for setting the highest degree of excellence amongst the Regiment
Responsible for all Regimental activities
Approves all staff actions and project
Regimental Organization
S-1: C/MAJ Mark Tam
Responsible for Regimental administration, promotions, awards, and decorations

Maintains all records in the Regiment JUMS (JROTC Unit Management System)
S-2: C/MAJ Phillip Casano

Ensures security requirements are met Regimental functions and events

Responsible for Military Police (MPs)

Accountability for cadets during Regimental functions and events
S-3: C/MAJ Frank Melonik

Staff member responsible for the training and operations of the Regiment
Posts weekly training schedules and upcoming event notices
S-4: C/MAJ John Nikas
Responsible for logistics
Inventories Supply Room
Assists in requisitioning of supplies
S-5: C/MAJ Brendon Feliciano
Recording events
Prepares and publishes Regimental newsletter
Departmental Milestones / Improvements
Command Inspection
Cadet Briefing
Xavier High School

Thank you for your time! Go KNIGHTS!
Continuous Development

Area of improvement: Overall Regimental participation and attendance
Development process:
Curriculum reformation
Delegation of authority
Modernization of Regiment
Departmental Development and Goals
Streamlining JUMS usage within Regimental functions

Delegation of authority
JUMS has become completely digitized and accessible
Successful operation and management of LET 1 records

Weekly meetings amongst NCOs
Departmental Development and Goals
Establishment of Military Police (MPs)
Merit/Demerit System
Police Academy

Routine inspection of inventory
Departmental Milestones and Improvements
Fully developed Military Police force
Reinforcement of Regimental standards at functions and events

Development of Military Police Academy
Departmental Development and Goals
Delegation of tasks and authority

Encouraging participation within Regimental functions
Departmental Milestones and Improvement
Establishment of social media presence
Creation, routing updating, and expansion of Facebook page

Improvement: Diversity of social media presence
Departmental Development and Goals
Account for incoming LET 1

Issue full Army Service Uniforms to each member of the Regiment
Minimize the number of incomplete uniforms

Establish monthly departmental inspections
Departmental Milestones / Improvements
Complete issuing of ASU jackets
Maintaining up-to-date JUMS records

Improvement: Availability
Departmental Development
and Goals
More consistent presence at JROTC events and functions

Delegation of tasks and authority

Publication of regimental status
Departmental Milestones / Improvements
Digitalization and accessibility of photographs
Online Newsletter

Development of Regimental pamphlet
S-6: C/MAJ Salvatore Mattioli
Website maintenance
Departmental Milestones / Improvements
Successful renovation of Military Science website

Continuous development of iOS application

Departmental Development and Goals
Efficient decentralization of tasks
Renovation of Military Science website
Develop iOS application
Processes Met/Adopted:
Delegation of Tasks and Authority
Modernization of Regiment
Continuous Improvement Meetings

Future Areas of Improvement:
Curriculum reformation
Future Improvement / Reflection
In order to ensure complete Regimental attendance and participation, the following change is necessary:
Administrative Support
Weighing of Military Science Course

Regimental XO:
C/LTC Danny Vilela

Regimental Responsibilities
Second in command of the Regiment
Deals directly with the primary officers and supervises the activities of the battalion staff
Xavier Regiment
Primary Staff
Timeline Progression
Timeline Progression
Timeline Progression
Timeline Progression
Timeline Progression
Team Roles
Evidence (cont.)
Team Roles
Team Roles
Team Roles
Team Roles
Timeline Progression
Views on Military Science Wesbite per month
Team Roles
Continous Improvement
Areas for Improvement:
Development of application
Optimization of Internet presence
Decentralization of OIC position
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