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Stem Cell Prezi

Information about the past method of obtaining stem cells and why the new method is better.

Carter Beck von Peccoz

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Stem Cell Prezi

Stem Cells What are they? "Dr. Thomson... created what appear to be pluripotent cells from adult human skin cells... by inserting a tiny DNA-containing virus" (Vestal). This virus manipulates the adult stem cells into reverting into embryonic stem cells, called pluripotent stem cells, that are ready for use. Using this method, known as indirect lineage conversion, we can remove the embryonic stem cells from the process entirely! That way everyone can be healed without any controversy. Pluripotent Stem Cells! Embryonic stem cells are "primitive cells with the capacity to divide... and form specific cells of somatic tissue" (Mummery) that are found in your body when you are a fetus. They can differentiate, or transform, into any other type of cell, such as skin cells or brain cells. Why is that important? Before they turn into adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells can be used to regenerate parts of the body at microscopic levels, allowing some people afflicted with disorders such as schizophrenia, autism, and even blindness to be partially healed. Research has already been done on blind people where scientists "made a disc of biodegradable material which can be fixed over the cornea... allowing the body to heal the eye naturally" (Daniels). Benefits of Stem Cell Research As I said before, people with autism can experience "changes in [their] speaking and understanding of vocabulary" (Raven) when embryonic stem cells from their own umbilical cord blood are applied to their bodies. The benefits of stem cell research are immeasurable and the government has already shown how promising they think it is when "the state of California promised $230 million in grants to research teams investigating stem cells." (Pollack) So what do we do if embryonic stem cells are so controversial? So what's the problem? There is intense controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells research because they can only be obtained from aborted fetuses. Thus, pro-life people have strong feelings against using embryonic stem cells because they think it justifies the abortion. "Leaders of the two political parties ... could affect future federal funding for stem cell research." (Brown)
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